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He studied fine art in his hometown of Staten Island, New York, before moving to Iola, Wisconsin, in 1978, to work as an editor for Old Cars Weekly. He has contributed to over 50 periodicals. John lives in the sleepy village of Iola, and tries hard to keep his "Gunner's Garage" workshop filled with interesting projects. He currently has 10 automobiles and 15 motorcycles in his collection, including several vehicles that are in various phases of restoration. Gunner's automotive tastes are a bit eclectic. He owns cars and trucks from 1936 2009 and motorcycles from 1940 2001.

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p. 548 They also reference Ukrainetz, Cooney, Dyer, Kysar, and Harris 2000 who showed how shared readings could be used to improve students phonemic awareness p. 548. These researchers along with many others support the fact that shared reading has positive effect on students growth as readers. Beckett, A. M. and Contento I. R. 2001. Adolescents perspectives and food choice behaviors in relation to the environmental impacts of food production practices. Journal of Nutrition Education, 33:72 82. da Cunha Z, Contento IR, Morin K. 2000. A case study of a curriculum development process in nutrition education using empowerment as organizational policy. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 39:417 435. Liquori T. Koch PD, Contento IR, Castle J. 1998. The Cookshop Program: Outcome evaluation of nutrition education program linking lunchroom food experiences with classroom cooking experiences. Journal of Nutrition Education, 30:302 313. Contento, I. R. , Senior author. 1995. The effectiveness of nutrition education and implications for nutrition education policy, programs and research. A review of research. Journal of Nutrition Education, 27:279 418. Isobel R Contento is the Mary Swartz Rose Professor of Nutrition and Education, and Coordinator of the Nutrition Program at Teachers College Columbia University. She has spoken on nutrition education at many national and international conferences and has been involved in numerous nutrition education development and evaluation projects and intervention research in this country and abroad, including Mexico, El Salvador, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal. She has been a member of several national advisory committees including the American Cancer Society, Centers for Disease Control, and the Institute of Medicine committee that produced Nutritional Standards for Food in Schools that was used to inform legislation, and the Nutrition Education Technical Expert Collaborative of the Nutrition Evidence Library, USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. She has received research grants from the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health, Department of Agriculture, and other sources.

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