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Coe distilled that faith down to the raw teaching of Jesus, as presented in the GospelsMatthew, Mark, Luke, and Johnand in the first few chapters of the Acts of the Apostles. This approach conformed with Coes youthful rebellion against the idea of a God who would condemn all but a particular brand of believer. They tell Jewish friends, You cant go to Heaven unless youre a Christian, Coe says. Well, the facts are, if that is true, Isaiah could never go to Heaven, Mary could never go to Heaven, Jesus could never go to Heaven. Its crazy. But there is also a strategic value to this insistently nondoctrinal approach: anybody, of any faith, can admire Coes Jesus. Rabbi Jack Bemporad, who works in the field of interreligious relations, met Coe on a trip to Iran several years ago. He wants to have a way of presenting Jesus so that whoever hes talking to will find a way of accepting it, Bemporad says. Hes not dogmatic and saying, Youve got to believe in the Trinity, or Hes the son of God. Bemporad became a friend of Coes, and has visited the Cedars to speak about Jesus as a teacher of Judaism. Coe also finds spiritual communion with the Dalai Lama the Dalai Lama loves Jesus, and recently sent me a book of the Dalai Lamas meditations on the Gospels.

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Your nose looks great as you have already been told :. I am one month post op SeptoRhino and have been dealing with the worst intranasal swelling. Of course the panic attacks are present and I am going crazy. At about 3 1/2 weeks, I noticed a huge surge in nasal discharge and severe congestion start up as it had been fading I am taking Flonase to help with the internal swelling. Over the last 3 days the nasal mucus which is so much is green, brown and yellow sorry and is overwhelming. I also have a little pressure around my eyes but not much. Sooo, I think I developed a sinus infection, which I never get. I just picked up the anti biotics today so I'll be starting those. My doc can't see me because of the snow so he just heard my symptoms and told me I was probably right. Do you remember how you knew it was a sinus infection and what your sypmtoms were?Also, about how long until you started to feel just a bit better, maybe a little relief?And lastly, besides the neti pot which I use religiously, were there any other things you did to help you get through this?I know this was a long time ago but any input will be appreciated. I am obviously in absolute misery. Again you look great and I'm glad to hear that after all you went through, you still think it was worth it. Thanks!LMHi LM Congrats on your surgery!I know right now it's kind of horrible for you, but it DOES get better eventually, and you will be very glad you went through it. Even now I can't believe what a difference it's made. I'm trying to remember back, and I thought it wad a sinus infection because I had a cold to start with, and also i've had sinus infections before and was just plain paranoid that was the problem. I remember being so congested for a long time, longer than the doc said it would be. So I finally called the doc, and he gave me antibiotics. I do remember that it didn't clear up after i finished the first round of antibiotics, so I think after a week I went back to the doc and got more, and the 2nd round really cleared things up. I do remember it being a huge bummer, but once clear, i recall the swelling and congestion improved pretty dramatically and quickly, within days. Let's see, other things. well in all honestly the valium really helped me a LOT to deal with the congestion and panics!I had never taken valium before, and didn't realize how great it is, LOL. : I actually got a refill from my doc, since the congestion was unbearable for me and i'm prone to panic attacks. Neti pot helped, i swear i did it multiple times i day. And the saline spray also helped. I think it was all more psychological than physical, but just having something actionable to do was helpful. And i remember watching a lot of movies and bad tv, just to take my mind off things. I took about a 3 weeks off work i work for myself, so that was really nice. I hope this helps, really it's just time that will make things better. I think the first 2 months were the hardest, but after that you feel like yourself again, but a slightly improved version. You will get through it, just try to distract yourself, and think. it's only a few months out of your whole life.

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