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I keep forwarding posts to my undergrads and post grads saying You MUST read thisThe first year of my PhD I gave my supervisor a CD of music wed talked about during one of our supervision meetings. While he gratefully accepted, he wrote an email afterwards to say that for future references, these gestures werent expected or needed. At the time I was a little put out but I see now that he was being kind and letting me know that I wasnt to be under any pressure with gifts, which I actually came to think was really nice of him. This is another explame of human arrogance. You really think you can domesticate or impose your will on something that has even a shred of wild in it?My wife is a distinguished veterinarian and she has seen this hundreds of times. Its like eating a hamburger that has Strychnine in it.

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Lets go wake him up, right now, he said. Coburn, Largent, Stupak, Wamp, Doyle, and Sherman went downstairs and roused Ensign. This second intervention ended with Ensign sitting at the foot of his bed, weeping. Youre right, he told his friends. Im going to end this craziness. Some in the C Street group wanted Ensign out of the house, but the prevailing view was that he should stay. Dealing with the affair seemed to pose a test of the groups very purpose: in the fevered atmosphere of an election year, could the men of C Street cope with the situation privately?Looking back, Coburn believed that the Ensign case was a C Street success story. A year after that midnight confrontation, word of Ensigns affair had not leaked, and Ensign and his wife, Darlene, had reconciled. Doug and Cindy Hampton were together, too, but Doug Hampton was still angry at Ensign. He believed that Ensign had destroyed his life, and, with the help of powerful friends, had got away with it. In June, 2009, after Ensign learned that Hampton intended to reveal the affair, he publicly confessed, and resigned his Republican leadership position. The tawdriness of the double betrayal, of wife and close friend, produced a wave of scandal stories, but the damage was confined to Ensign. Then, a week later, the Republican governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, made his own public confession, a rambling tale of the impossible that he had found with a woman in Argentina. Sanford spoke of an inner struggle over the betrayal of his marriage vows, and mentioned that he had sought the counsel of some of his old circle in Washington. I was part of a group called C Street when I was in Washington, he said. It was, believe it or not, a Christian Bible studysome folks that asked members of Congress hard questions that I think were very, very important. And Ive been working with them. The press soon discovered that John Ensign lived at the C Street house. A month later, in the circuit court of Hinds County, Mississippi, Leisha Pickering, the wife of the former Republican congressman Chip Pickering, another resident of the C Street house, filed an alienation of affection lawsuit suggesting that Pickering had committed while living there. A picture began to emerge of a boys gone wild house of pleasure. The men of C Street, pledged to silence, declined to respond to press inquiries, which only heightened interest THE POLITICAL ENCLAVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME, a Washington Post headline read. Public records revealed little; the house was registered to an obscure evangelical youth group, and enjoyed the tax status of a registered church. Word spread that the tenants were paying below market rents about nine hundred dollars a month each, which prompted an inquiry by the Office of Congressional Ethics. Even if the residents had been inclined to talk about the house, some knew nothing more about it than the fact that they made out their monthly checks to C Street Center. The C Street house was known to be associated with a ministry called the Fellowship, a nondenominational entity that sponsored the annual National Prayer Breakfast. But the Fellowships more significant work was its invisible ministry to political leaders, dating back to the New Deal era. Through the years, small Fellowship inspired prayer groups have held weekly meetings in the Pentagon, in the Attorney Generals office, in various congressional hideaways inside the Capitol, and in the White House itself. The Fellowship has offered succor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, to Dwight Eisenhower and Marion Barry, and to many of the Watergate felons. D. Michael Lindsay, a Rice University sociologist who has studied the ways in which evangelicals have become part of the American lite, was astonished by what he discovered about the Fellowship. They are the most significant spiritual force in the lives of leadersespecially leaders in Washingtonof any entity that I know, he says. They are mentioned more often in the interviews Ive conducted than any other group. They have had a more sustained influence over the decades than any other entity. There is nothing comparable to them. The Fellowship avoids publicity for its activities. Heath Shuler, a two term Democratic representative from North Carolina who lives in the house on C Street and has attended a weekly prayer session sponsored by the Fellowship since he arrived in Washington, recently said, Ive been here the whole time, and theres talk about what the Fellowship is, but I honestly have no idea what theyre talking about.

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