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Academic Writing Task 1 is a writing task which has a defined input and a largely predictable output. It is basically an information transfer task that relates narrowly to the factual content of an input diagram and not to speculative explanations that lie outside the given data. Coherence and cohesion concern overall clarity and fluency: how the response organizes and links information, ideas and language. Coherence refers to the logical sequencing of ideas. Cohesion refers to the use of a variety of appropriate cohesive devices to assist in making the relationships between concepts clear to the reader. Task response relates to how well you formulate and develop an argument in relation to the given test prompt.

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This school was apparently on a list of top ten private international Thai program schools in Thailand. Make sure you get video recordings of events like whenever discussing legal paperwork and work permits, in the end it will protect you from whatever they try to throw back at you. Thailand has certainly turned into a hell hole for foreign teachers. I was forced to leave Thailand as I could not get a 3rd license waiver. I entered my name only into the TCT's website and no waiver details came up. Then I entered my passport number . and got the details of my previous two waivers. Question: If I returned to Thailand with a new passport/number . would I be able to "Start from scratch" so to speak?I am applying for a second temporary license teaching permit. Do I really need a new TOEIC result?I already had toeic last 2012. I am have a contract with a school in Udon, i do not have a degree but i got a letter from the Krusapha last year. Last year NO PROBLEMS visa extended until the end of my contract. This year immigration refused my extension i have been to Lao at least 5 times because of immigration cost for me about 30. 000 baht thinking of going to Cambodia Thanks great siteYesterday 28 Sep 2015 I South African went to apply for my 2nd khurasapa temp valid for 2 years. NO TOEIC WAS NEEDED. We phoned them during this month like 4 times. 1. Do you need a toeic?2. Does a "non native" need a toeic?3. Does a South African need a toeic?4. Does a South African applying for the 2nd time need a toeic?The answer came back NO. They khurasapa told us that they have scraped toeic. Hello. I am holding a temporary teaching license in my precious school and I worked there for only 6 months, now I am in a new school and would like to request a new waiver to teach without a license at Krusapa. Do I really need to attach in the supporting documents a copy of my previous temporary teaching license?Because I don't have any copy of it now. Hope you could enlighten me with my query coz even my previous school and the department of labor don't have the copy of it anymore.

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