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However, I believe that going to college and earning the degree can significantly impact a person's life. College education/ degree does provide great financial benefit at the same time it teaches skills that are very important in order to succeed in life. Scott Richey is a reporter covering college basketball at The News Gazette. His email is [email protected] gazette. com, and you can follow him on Twitter @srrichey. Brad Underwoods take on recruiting rankings are a little bit like the scoring system from Whose Line is it Anyway? You know everything is made up and the points dont matter.

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Or you could write Yeats was the finest poet since Homer Smith, 2012. Finding academic sources is imperative for doing solid research writing. Using on line dictionaries or Wikipedia is okay to get ideas of how to proceed, but do not cite them because they are not considered academic sources. To define terms or concepts, find references in the academic literature. To document the facts and ideas that you find and use in your research, create a reference list of sources of information cited and a series of references that indicate which facts and ideas came from which source. The American Psychological Association APA style of documentation is used in Communication.

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