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On the other hand a proxy only acts as a relay for a specific route such as HTTP/HTTPS and is something you usually need to organize at the application level; so if you configure Firefox to use a proxy for HTTP, the system wont automatically use that proxy in a different browser. Best Ways to Unblock YouTube, Twitter and other Social Sites:The urge to explore the restricted areas of interest always tempts humans to create new and innovative ways to break those rules, be it in any world, real or virtual. So is in the world of the Internet. When students at schools or youngsters at workplaces are restricted and denied the usage of websites like YouTube and Facebook etc. , VPNS and proxies become the most frequently searched options on the internet. However, VPN is far superior to using proxy servers. So to unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or to connect to any other social networks at school is no longer a problem. Choosing a VPN as mentioned earlier is preferred over Proxy sites to unblock YouTube and other sites. Yet again while choosing a good VPN out of many available on the internet its important to choose correctly. Use of Hotspot Shield VPN has become prevalent because it provides the user with the best of services in the fastest way and for free. A quick overview on the benefits of Hotspot Shield:It protects the user from possible theft of his/her own identity.

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The value of test statistics used e. g. t, F ratio should be given as well as their significance levels so that their derivation can be understood. Trends should not be reported unless they have been supported by appropriate statistical analyses for trends. The use of percentages to report results from small samples is discouraged, other than where this facilitates comparisons. The number of decimal places to which numbers are given should reflect the accuracy of the determination and estimates of error should be given for statistics. Use of confidence intervals is encouraged but not mandatory. Authors are encouraged to include estimates of statistical power where appropriate. To report a difference as being statistically significant is generally insufficient, and comment should be made about the magnitude and direction of change. The Editorial team recognises that the term 'qualitative research' encompasses diverse methods, manuscripts will be evaluated based on the appropriateness of the selected framework, the coherence of the report and its adherence to quality criteria consistent with the methodology and method as follows:BJPsych Bulletin now requires that all corresponding authors identify themselves using their ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript to the journal. ORCID provides a unique identifier for researchers and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript submission and grant applications, provides the following benefits:If you dont already have an iD, youll need to create one if you decide to submit a manuscript to BJPsych Bulletin. You can register for one directly from your user account on Scholar One or via https://ORCID. org/register. If you already have an iD, please use this when submitting, either by linking it to your Scholar One account or supplying it during submission by using the Associate your existing ORCID ID button. Where English is not a native language we encourage authors to have their manuscripts checked by an English language native speaker before submission. This will ensure that manuscripts are judged at peer review exclusively on academic merit. Cambridge University Press partners with American Journal Experts to provide a high quality service to authors. Use of this service is entirely voluntary and does not guarantee acceptance, nor does its use require authors to later submit to a Cambridge journal. BJPsych Bulletin follows ICMJE's Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals. If an author believes their manuscript has been incorrectly rejected, an appeal letter can be submitted by responding to the decision email directly or contacting . uk.

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