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Mean IELTS scoring appears to have remained consistent and largely unaffected by the introduction of new approaches to test content and test taker evaluation. In May of 2014, IELTS introduced a few changes to the Test Report Form. The validation stamp was updated, and the "University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations" logo was changed to a new design that reads "Cambridge English Language Assessment. " Additionally, examiner identification numbers are no longer included on Test Report Forms. Manhattan ReviewTest Prep and Admissions Consulting275 Madison Avenue, Suite 1429New York, NY 10016, : +1 212 316 2000Toll Free: +1 800 246 4600Remember that test tips alone will not be enough to succeed in IELTS. In order to do well in the test you must prepare and practise your English during the months and weeks leading up to the test. In addition to the tips provided here, you should also refer to the many other IELTS preparation tools available at including:The Listening component is the same for both versions of IELTS Academic and General Training. There are four parts. You will hear the recording only once. A variety of voices and native speaker accents is used. Section 1: a conversation between two people set in an everyday social context e.

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Below are vital tips on how to see your life coaching business mature in a short period. The primary obligation of the specialist life coach is to offer a solution and not sell services. As a specialist always be ready to provide value to the charges, you make to your clients. That guarantees continuity in the industry. Have your brand, develop it and market it widely, source enough skilled expertise and let the society know the value you offer. Provide proof of the past successful experience. That way, you will take a very short period to make it to top rank hence good earning. Various life coaches are carrying the exercise as a hobby and volunteer services. That is noble but when one wants to make it a 6 figure investment; they need to do more than what they were doing earlier. The venture calls one to check for an expert for holding a hand in the right direction. Seek advisory services from the successful topnotch coaches who have been in the fields.

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Congress. To make matters worse for it, and to the astonishment of many, Andersen admitted it destroyed perhaps thousands of documents and electronic files related to the engagement, in accordance with firm policy, supposedly before the SEC issued a subpoena for them. The firms lawyers issued an internal memorandum on October 12 reminding employees of the firms document retention and destruction policies. The firm fired David B. Duncan, partner in charge of the Enron engagement, placed four other partners on leave and replaced the entire management team of the Houston office. Duncan invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination at a congressional hearing in January. Several other Andersen partners testified that Duncan and his staff acted in violation of firm policy. However, in view of the timing of the October 12 memorandum, Congress and the press are questioning whether the decision to shred documents extended farther up the chain of command. Andersen has suspended its firm policy for retention of records and asked former U. S. Senator John Danforth to conduct a comprehensive review of the firms records management policy and to recommend improvements. In a move to bolster its image, Andersen also has retained former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to lead an outside board that will advise it in making fundamental change in its audit process. Other members of the board include P. Roy Vagelos, former chairman and CEO of Merck and Co. , and Charles A. Bowsher, current chairman of the Public Oversight Board, which disbanded in March. Volcker also named a seven member advisory panel made up of prominent corporate and accounting executives that will review proposed reforms to the firms audit process. Hindsight is so clear that it sometimes belies the complexity of the problem. Although fraud has not yet been proven to be a factor in Enrons misstatements, some of the classic risk factors associated with management fraud outlined in SAS no. 82 are evident in the Enron case. Those include management characteristics, industry conditions and operating characteristics of the company. Although written five years ago, the list almost looks as if it was excerpted from Enrons case: These factors are common threads in the tapestry that is described of the environment leading to fraud. They were incorporated into SAS no. 82 on the basis of research into fraud cases of the 1970s and 1980s in the hope that auditors would learn from the past. Andersen will have to explain when and how it identified these factors, as well as how it responded and how it communicated with Enrons board about them. More important, Andersen will have to explain why it delayed notifying the SEC after learning of the internal Enron memo warning of problems.

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