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The study also sought to identify test takers strengths and weaknesses in the writing task 1 with respect to all four areas. To this end, forty five Iranian IELTS test takers aged 19 to 42 were involved in the study. In the beginning, the participants were assigned to perform a bar chart IELTS writing task 1. Within 10 days, the same test takers were presented with a table description task. Their writing performances were then rated based on the IELTS writing rubric. The results indicated that the candidates writing performance was significantly higher in bar chart description tasks than table based writing tasks. To provide a detailed picture of the contribution of each criterion to the total score variance, we performed a multi linear regression analysis, the results of which manifested that the candidates were more adept at accomplishing task achievement, and grammar range and accuracy in table and bar chart writing tasks, respectively. The findings also indicated that they did not do well in terms of coherence and cohesion performing table writing. Nor did they perform effectively on the lexical resource in bar chart writing. The results of the study carry crucial pedagogical implications for teachers, IELTS trainers, researchers, and syllabus designers. Researchers in the field of second/foreign language teaching assume writing as the most exacting language learning skill e.

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A first step towards finding solutions within the current situation is to accept the limitations and realities faced by the various institutions. Interdepartmental meetings can then be held to determine the steps necessary to mitigate these problems. The , et al. , 2012. Systems approaches look towards the functional integration of different stakeholders and their goals towards a specific issue or path. What implications might a proposed solution have and to what groups?What is the functional relationship between groups of stakeholders and how can that be maximized. For returning felons, this approach looks at ways to construct programs that are utilitarian in context the greatest good for the greatest number Teaskey, 1976. Ecological PA supports a more holistic viewpoint and focuses on the nature of the internal and external environments. In other words, PA must interact with the political executive, social political interest groups, commercial and economic organizations, and the citizenry. This approach takes the approach that solutions may only be found by looking at the issue as a sub set of a larger set of societal issues. Ecological PA cannot solve the incarceration problem, but can look toward Criminal JusticeJuveniles who are Imprisoned for Life with No ParoleWe live in a world where human beings of any age commit and are punished for menial to heinous crimes.

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