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0 L 8. 5 R 9. 0 and only 7. 0 on the writing task GT, and I share the general feeling that the IELTS grading process is generally unfair. Most importantly, in my opinion the absolute lack of transparency of this process should lead to question the test at its core. In my specific situation, I would have been fine with the writing mark being the lowest mark in my assessment, as I think that writing is probably the least honed skill when it comes to my English language competence, but I dont think my actual mark reflects how I really performed on the test. I am fairly sure my grammar and spelling were ok, Im confident I answered according to the task, and Im 99. 9% sure the length of the two essays was correct if anything, task 1 might have been a littletoo long. Whats infuriating to me is that theres no way to have a report on the test that highlights EXACTLY what lead the examiner to mark the test the way he/she did. The report card is filled with generic mumbo jumbo that does nothing to address how I actually performed in my specific exam. Very similar experience, my score line reads as : 9,9,8.

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