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Institutions know that most incoming freshmen will encounter some confusion when it comes to selecting a field of study, so elective courses are offered up as a way to explore possible interests. Colleges and universities are big on promoting extracurricular activities to strengthen resumes. They sometimes refer to this as an activities resume. Companies want to see that candidates spent their college days doing more than just studying. They want to see evidence of leadership and participation in clubs and organizations. A college education allows students to get involved in these extra curricular activities. So, even if a student is pursuing a degree in computer science, they can still demonstrate leadership experience by serving as a committee member for their fraternity or sorority. Students can also show off their participation in language clubs, community service organizations, or simply groups dedicated to a certain passion. The world is changing. Technology is developing beyond our wildest dreams, and complex issues in business, environment, and politics continue to challenge our society. Higher education prepares students to meet these challenges with grit and determination.

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A place of overriding social importance. A place to loiter, to meet, to make plans, and crucially to try and look cool smoking. In the bad old days, there was only one toilet per gender. For a whole student bar. Think about that for just a moment, please. But even since the recent refurbishment, its like people just cant contain themselves in there. The wise nipped down to the Hamilton to do the necessary, and the more foolish were inevitably caught by the ever vigilant security popping into bushes. Walk under that Campanile as an undergraduate as it rings and youll fail your exams. Or maybe youll fail your exams because you view the Swift theatre as a second comfy bed to nap in, who knows. And never debate except for perhaps an ill fated attempt at the Maidens. Youll go whenever they get a famous American over, though, naturally. The Lecky was for when you were feeling like a doss library session. The Ussher denoted a slightly more serious attempt at study. And if you locked yourself away in the icy tower of the Berkeleys Law library, then you meant SERIOUS BUSINESS. Dont mess with these high vis, no nonsense, stern faced, rule abiding brothers. Trying to get into a party on campus after midnight?Forget it, pal. Its Chinatown. Like the fact that the Arts Block has a great jacks for hungover voms up on the mysterious sixth floor, or the secluded post grad reading room, or tiny society rooms tucked up in further reaches behind the Atrium, or the fabled tunnels that run under Front SquareIts where you went to get cheap SU shop treats, barge past busy hacks, to sort out any difficulty you had with your elected reps, and also thrillingly to collect your FREE PROPHYLACTICS!CASHBACK!Players were the worst, the debaters mostly kept to themselves hopefully, the SU was a baffling world unto itself, Publications seemed to have the best craic, the VDP were admirably noble And then of course, the people just there for the wine receptions and free food. Imagine how many holiday snaps the average Trinity student is in. Not a day goes by while crossing Fellows or Front Square that you wouldnt be caught in the frame of an eager Americans photo. And as for those old Trinity Ball jokes?Give it a rest.

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