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Many students will attend the residency next June. Use the present perfect tense have + verb to describe an action that began in the past and continues in the present:Researchers have shown that the corpus callosum is more developed in cats than in dogs. Notice that the implication here is that the research showed this in the past and continues to show this presently. Psychoneuroimmunologists have demonstrated the. Features of Academic WritingPosted: Aug 26, 2009By James AlexSourse: Academic writing is a particular style of formal and expressive writing.

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Unfortunately, nationally representative data have fallen short in addressing these issues. Some potentially important human capital measures, such as college selectivity, GPA, and major, are often not available. Moreover, while researchers in the 1980s and early 1990s were able to assess employers' thoughts on discrimination through surveys and interviews, legal concerns and social desirability bias have reduced the viability of these methods in assessing discrimination today. Using field experiments, researchers can control for human capital and race, and more closely examine employer decision processes. Thus, an audit study is well suited to examine racial economic inequality among the college educated. I conduct an audit by matching candidate pairs and applying for jobs listed on a national job search website. In total, I apply for 1,008 jobs in three geographic regions in the United States to examine how race and college selectivity affect the likelihood of receiving an employer request via e mail or phone for a job interview. Then, among those job candidates receiving responses, I analyze how race and college selectivity influence candidates' potential salary range and occupational type. The results suggest that higher education credentials do not equalize employment opportunities for blacks compared to whites, even among elite university graduates. Credentials from an elite university result in more callbacks for all candidates, but black candidates from an elite university only do as well as white candidates from a less selective university. Moreover, race results in a double penalty: When employers respond to black candidates, it is for jobs with lower starting salaries and lower prestige than those of white peers.

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Everybody would vote. It would change everything. You would have young politicians. You wouldn't have 88 year old senators. "I asked Wayno Cochran what West Maui would be like if everybody voted, not just the older people and those with money. He had a John Lennon sort of moment. "One hundred percent different world," he said. "We wouldn't have wars; we would be self sustaining. If everybody voted, you'd have great candidates. You'd have great choices. "After hearing Heaukulani's transformation from non voter to political candidate, I was convinced that asking a person to vote just putting out the invitation was the key to increasing voter participation in Hawaii and maybe in the rest of the country, too. But then I encountered another roadblock: people who register to vote but then, for a variety of reasons, stop participating after a certain number of years. People are fed up with the Electoral College. Hawaii has only four votes, which makes people feel like they don't matter on the national scene. An average American vote has a one in 60 million chance of determining a national election, says Columbia University. Hawaii's odds are "nearly zero. " Locals are sick of hearing who will be the next president of the United States before their polls close. That happens at 6 p. m. local time, or midnight in Washington.

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