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In fact, there is no reliable evidence of any causal link between imaginary violence in entertainment and violence in the real world. The nation has been witnessing a stark drop in the rates of murder, and violent crime since the early 1990s. Does anyone suppose this was caused by a decline in violent themes in movies, TV shows, and video games?Likewise, there has been a less striking but still significant decline in teenage motherhood, the spread of diseases, and other indicators of promiscuity. We certainly cant credit this to any decline in the number of plot lines on "Friends" and other NBC sitcoms extolling the desirability of frequent casual relationships. There is no question that a long term transformation of mores has been underway for decades, thanks to the pill, education, and so forth. Yes, the media undoubtedly serve as a transmission belt for changing attitudes. But thats a far cry from suggesting that people act on what they see in the media in a monkey see, monkey do manner. Indeed, when you think about it, the assumption that in the entertainment media leads to in the world, or that violence leads to violence, is methodologically fishy. What foundation does this have except for a casual, intuitive belief that the imaginary must lead to the real?It seems just as plausible that imaginary might lead to violence or imaginary violence to sex. Or both might lead to shopping. The logic is not only questionable, but in a society as surfeited with every kind of entertainment as ours, the evidence that would allow any strong conclusion about the relationship between entertainment and social pathology is noticeably absent.

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Not just that, But id's surve many different purposes. To board a bus, Buy lunch, Or go to an after event, All you need is your id. This makes it so you don't have to carry around 20 different cards in your backpack. It's not only useful for the teachers, Since they get to do less work checking everyone in, Etc. But also for students, Since they don't need to have 20 different cards for different occasions. + If I don't wanna wear it 24/7, I can usually just slip it in my backpack. Even if a teacher asks to see it, You can just pull it out. Wearing school ids can help to identify a potential security threat in a school without making the school seem like a prison. It is also much more cost effective than placing metal detectors or other security measures. This also allows for the quick identification of students in everyday procedures or in an emergency situation. Tyhtgtghghgfgdfd ffftderd hhgg hgfdeerfgjb uyfrdrfg yftfuyyftffgg dsdg jgyfyhh yftghg gfubfh dhbbe hebjhr hhfjjhfh rhrherjh frhjgdeghhfghje hjhj hgeghh bhdvs bdbshhd hebbeve jwbhbwvwgv wehbgwveg hhwvghsh hsvhvsg ghvgvdshv hgghfgfygdhy ggyh yvvsgv gvvgw vgs gevg ggygegy ygyyy gyg hgtt gvgvg okhiu xvgvxgvx ggsvv bhyt heygvye gvgvgv vgvggyv gvvvvv hgvgvgvvg gvgvgv vgy779 vjjj wsss ddeWearing ID cards is becoming more common place and for good reasons. Security is the big one, And IDs are no doubt the best way to prevent someone from slipping into a school and doing something nefarious. But I have found wearing an ID to be highly useful as well. I use it a lot for the library, Lunch, And did you know you can get discounts at many stores and eateries by showing school ID?It makes a lot of sense to require students K 12 and even college students to be wearing an ID. All student's in a middle school or high school should have an id. Having students makes it easy for the school security to have quick identifacation for everyone that either a teacher or a student. With all the school shootings ,all middle and high school students should have one. Lets say an intruder walks into your school and they don't have a id for the building they can be kicked out of the school. Not only will this make students feel more safe at school but it will make parents feel more safe sending their kids to school everyday. Yes, students should wear school IDs for the event that a crime or accident occurs on campus. If a crime happens on campus, students wearing IDs can help identify the perpetrators as well as the possible victims. This has the added bonus of deterring students from committing crimes as they would be more easily identified. If an accident or crime renders a student unconscious or unable to respond, they can be easily identified with an ID. Schools should impose security measures for the welfare of everyone. One of the ways for school administrators to ensure the security within school grounds is to impose wearing of identification cards. Wearing of identification cards is a universal policy and is observed in different schools around the world. As a matter of fact, most organizations have identification cards. The purpose of wearing ID cards is for easy recognition. Security personnel can quickly spot who are not supposed to enter the school. Http://what if some random guy walks in the building,we dont know who he is,he could be a killer or a terrorist or some crazy guy who just wants to hurt kids. The world has become a scary place now and i dont want to take any chances with random peopleWe need ids because if a lockdown happened we would be less likely to happen if we have ids. Yes the teachers know who we are but what about the first day of school they don't know if you belong in the school or not. Kids should have ids cause we live in a crazy world. Why do we the teachers already now who we are. Isnt school uniforms enough already?For real. The only thing we need know is that teachers put polices in front of schools to check who we are ?Pshh , no.

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