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Well that was disappointing. After a month over 50% of my articles are STILL IN REVIEW. Of the ones that were approved, only Amazines. com and Ezines. com seem to have any hope of actually sending traffic to my blog. Lets check Google Analytics and see if I can find anythingOn further inspection I found 1 visit from Ezinearticles. com this was consistent with what they reported, which was one click on the best apartments article and 0 visits from Amazines. comGiven the sorry state of my article statuses as well as the poor performance of the ones I actually can report on, I am going to consider Hypothesis 1 DISPROVEN. I was pretty skeptical of hypothesis 1 from the the get go. My main hopes are in hypothesis 2. Most of these article directories have pretty high page ranks 4+.

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, Captain Kangaroo described to Morris as the ghetto child. This social objective made a lot of sense to Morris. He interviewed Phyllis Harris, a New York psychiatrist who argued that TV had a special appeal and a particular benefit to the disadvantaged child. Citing her experience working with kids at Head Start, Harris said such children have a hard time staying still and looking at picture books for long periods of time. Its not a disease, she clarified. Its simply a part of their makeup. They havent learned to sit and concentrate. Harris reasoned that TV programming could offset the learning challenges faced by low income youth because they dont need to stay still when theyre watching the screen: In fact, they can even stand on their heads and watch and hear whats being said. And theyll come away with something. If Harris were interviewed today, chances are shed use different terms to describe those behavioral challenges. In many ways, though, her perspectivethat external factors can greatly hinder the development of disadvantaged childrenwas quite progressive at the time.

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