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Grammar and vocabulary are important factors in assessing your writing band, but some students believe they must write extremely long sentences or use very complicated vocabulary in order to get a higher band. This is not true!The important thing is that your ideas are easy to understand. Dont try to use complicated words that you may spell incorrectly; replace these words with ones that you are more confident using. Also, remember that the quality of your English is what is being assessed. Dont spend too long thinking about whether your ideas are smart or intellectual enough. Think of ideas that are easy to explain; then concentrate on the grammatical forms and vocabulary you need to express these ideas on paper.

Can I Take My Drivers Test With An Expired Permit Texas

Where Can I Take The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

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They thrive on giving chances to those who may never get them, so your personal essay could fit in well here. Do they pay?Not for general submissions yet, but they do hold five contests a year with three of them having $1000 prizes. Who are they?A massive entertainment and technology website that certainly doesnt accept half measures. They are extremely particular about what they publish and arent after your opinions, but if you can bring them a breaking news story, theyll be listening. Do they pay?Doesnt say. Who are they?A travel guide website that doesnt suck. All of their features are packed with accurate information and opinion from people who have been there and done that. If you have 1000 words in you, you could be one of them. Its also great exposure. Do they pay?Yes, $40 for a published piece. Who are they?A popular website for writers, by writers hey, that sounds familiar. Its filled to the brim with handy tips and guides for writers of all experiences and pedigrees theres bound to be something on there that can take your work to the next level. You could probably help someone out by imparting your wisdom and getting paid for it, too. Do they pay?How does $60 for about 600 words sound?Who are they?Probably not naturists. What they absolutely are, though, is a hugely helpful resource for writers as the website is filled with anecdotes and guides from established names in the literature world. They also interviews and discussions about freelance writing. Do they pay?Yes, but you might want to put the extra effort into writing something extraordinary. The editor will pay $200 for exemplary pieces. Who are they?Proud geeks. Techopedia loves publishing anything to do with the world of tech, whether its an in depth guide or an opinion piece. You might have to be well versed in many fields to be able to competently write for them, but youre a writer. Research is what you do. Do they pay?Yep, and theyre proud of it. Expect $50 to $150 for your published work. Who are they?A website dedicated to the arts and those that inhabit the theater scene. They publish a wide range of differently themed content, but with a strong opinion and facts to back up your words, you could go quite far with HowlRound. Do they pay?Yup. $50 for 750 2000 of your fine words. Who are they?A very successful technology blog that has been around since 2007. Theyre always on the ball with news and welcome submissions covering a range of different topics, but your best bet is to stick to design guides and recommendations. Do they pay?Not specified.

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