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Thats a tricky gift giving proposition!My adviser has a holiday party every year. This is my fifth year, so at this point I know what his favorite libation is a bottle of alcoholic eggnog!It is neither too personal, nor is it large enough to require reciprocity which would be awkward, as we have a large lab and he does not give us gifts. Love the post. I think I might just pick up the home created idea and set up my lace pillow suspect a lace bookmark might be just the job for something permanent and meaningful. UmmI thought a lot about, what to give my supervisor since I dont know much about his personal side, I end up in giving a box of Indian tea bags. However I have to confess that those tea bags were actually manufactured in Melbourne.

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If youre young, and unfocused dont know what you want to do with your life get a college education in SOMETHING. I was told many years ago how precocious I was, so smart and charming. So I put off school because I was so excited to get my adult life started. Those smarts and charm lasted only for so many years but I had accomplished so much by the time I was 30. But I was warned that my peers would catch up to me by then, and in my mid 30s, theyd be making more money and have better jobs than I had. I think some of that has become true to a certain extent. So no matter how smart or charming you think you are, get a degree in something. So you increase your opportunities later in life. I have seen people work through exactly what you are describing and they can eventually come out ahead of their peers. But the same amount of effort with a college degree might have let them leap frog their peers through their mid 30s. For me my Personal MBA has been invaluable. It consists of listening to over 60 business oriented Audio Books that cover the equivalent of a standard MBA program. You dont get the diploma, but you learn an incredible amount. And it costs less than a thousand dollars!Interesting. This comes down to making sure you keep working on your education outside of college. You can get a great deal of content from college classes for free. Tremendously important!Im an English professor, so you know Im going to say that. I will add though that theres a tremendous difference between getting an education and getting a degree. The real point of college is the practice it offers in developing the ability to think and feel deeply and learn about the world and ones possible place in it. Not to learn how to make a living, but to learn how to make a life, as I remember an old professor saying at my freshman orientation, back in the 20th century. We often overlook that a proper education can help you enjoy life in ways not possible otherwiseeven outside of the career benefits. Its about what you do outside the classroom, developing yourself, meeting people, tapping into your alum Think they teach anything different at Harvard than they do at Community College?Nope, but its about the networking that you can tap at HBS. Everyones parents are doctors and lawyers, its globally known, you can walk in the door anywhere. @MattWilsontv Good advice. I wish I had made better use of networking when I was getting my undergrad degree. Having studied at both a Community College and at Harvard, there is some difference in what is taught. Teachers generally have to teach toward the average student in the class and there is a difference in what that average is between different schools. But in general your experiences outside the classroom are what gives you skills and getting those experiences are more a result of who you know that who was teaching you. Remember, college often leads to starting out in life not only with a leg up on your resume and knowledge, but also brick holding you back in the form of debt. That debt limits choices, taking away the opportunity of entrepreneurialism away from the young and energetic who would otherwise be best suited for such risk taking. Worse, if one doesnt complete college for one reason or another, the debt remains without the benefits of a degree. And student loans cant be discharged via bankruptcy. I think depends. I read some month ago about a successful internet marketer which was considered by friends and people around him a nobody just a person without education. I feel sorry i dont have the link to provide to this person, but the idea is that he put a stop and made something with his life. even he was not prepared in school.

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