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Students using the digital platform are required to watch short videos and then immediately answer questions testing their attentivenessthey cant skip too far ahead and binge learn the entire semester at once, nor can they lag behind until finals week without the system flashing warnings at them. The course also issues automatic notificationsto both the instructor and the studentif scores dip too low, showing that someones clearly not understanding the subject. Imagine this as the parental controls of a premier television package, only overwhelmingly more customized, advanced, intelligent. If you went to a big school, you know exactly what its like to have to fight to get into a class. The arcane absurdity of outdated enrollment lotteries. Economics students at AandM used to face that problem, sometimes having to delay graduation thanks to oversubscribed classesand once in, there was also no guarantee theyd absorb the tricky material. Online learning removes physical limitations, so thousands of students can have the spots previously reserved for dozens. It allows students to go back to lessons, again and again, to rewind and to pick up all the points they didnt get the first time around. Though it hasnt all been plain sailing; sources at AandM say that parents have already pushed back on paying tuition, only to have their kids sit in their dorm rooms also paid for by them on campus to watch the class online. And studentsas one might expectarent entirely convinced. Theres definitely something that will be lost, says Patrick Sweeney, a graduate student in AandMs economics program who says he has raised concerns about the online class to several faculty members.

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Just call or email and well arrange to meet you with some. Greener Vision Farms, Michael and Heidi Phillips, 115 Peach Street, Kempner TX 76539. 254 630 8494. E mail: . Website: . The Greer Farm practices sustainable agricultural practices.

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Additional benefits are increased safety and decreased fuel consumption/emissions. Project Partners: INSTITUT FR KRAFTFAHRZEUGE ika, IDIADA, RICARDO, SP SWEDEN, TECNALIA RBTK, VOLVO CARS, VOLVO TECHNOLOGYREFERENCES1 SARTRE Project website 2 S. Shladover, PATH at 20History and Major Milestones, IEEE Transactions onIntelligent Transportation Systems, vol. 8, pp. 584 592, 2007. 3 M. Schulze, Promote Chauffeur, Final Report, EU Telematics Applications, 1999. 4 KONVOI Development and examination of the application of electronically coupledtruck convoys on highways eb/gb6 24e konvoi. pdf. 5 Task Group p. IEEE 802. 11p: Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments WAVE, draftstandard, IEEE Computer Soc. 2007. 6 ALIX 3D3 embedded PC 7 PELOPS website K/index. html8 Prometheus Project PROgraMme for a European Traffic of Highest Efficiency andUnprecedented Safety, 1987 1995. en. wikipedia. org/wiki/EUREKA Prometheus ProjectAs AllCarTech reports, GMs new portable vehicle to vehicle communication system, currently in development, is testing the technology in two familiar platforms, a transporter the size of a typical GPS unit, and a smartphone app. The system relies on established Intelligent Transport System ITS technology such as Dedicated Short Range Communication DSRC, which allows for wireless communication between vehicles, cyclists, police officers, construction sites, and pedestrians within a quarter mile range. GMs vehicle to vehicle communication systemThe benefit of this portable system is that it allows drivers to see not only whats right in front of them, but also about a semi truck thats stalled a quarter mile ahead, hard braking drivers, slippery roads, upcoming intersections, stop signs and other as yet unseen hazards. In addition, DSRC equipped smartphones, carried by cyclists or pedestrians, could alert drivers to their presence ahead.

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