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To report a difference as being statistically significant is generally insufficient, and comment should be made about the magnitude and direction of change. The Editorial team recognises that the term 'qualitative research' encompasses diverse methods, manuscripts will be evaluated based on the appropriateness of the selected framework, the coherence of the report and its adherence to quality criteria consistent with the methodology and method as follows:BJPsych Bulletin now requires that all corresponding authors identify themselves using their ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript to the journal. ORCID provides a unique identifier for researchers and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript submission and grant applications, provides the following benefits:If you dont already have an iD, youll need to create one if you decide to submit a manuscript to BJPsych Bulletin. You can register for one directly from your user account on Scholar One or via https://ORCID. org/register. If you already have an iD, please use this when submitting, either by linking it to your Scholar One account or supplying it during submission by using the Associate your existing ORCID ID button.

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Throughout the college entrance process, students from non intact families tend to fall behind their peers from intact families. The gap increases when the process involves selective college admission. Overall, children from intact families complete more years of schooling and achieve higher educational attainment than do peers from other family forms. One study, analyzing two nationally representative data sources, reported that longer durations in single parent or blended families during childhood appear to have a negative impact on college attendance and graduation. Though family income and parental education explained the association between single parent families and lower college attendance and graduation rates, the disparities in these outcomes between children in intact families and those in blended families persisted. Similarly, another study showed that, accounting for family income and estimated financial aid, an average student from a non intact family was 5 percent less likely to attend a four year college and 6 percent less likely to graduate from college than an average student from an intact family. Parental involvement emerges as another robust influence on educational outcomes. It is multi dimensional. Examples include monitoring children's activities outside home and school; setting rules; having conversations about and helping children with school work and school related issues; holding high educational expectations; discussing future planning with children and helping them with important decision making; participating in school related activities such as meeting with teachers and volunteering in the classroom; and reading to children or engaging in other enrichment or leisure activities together. A meta analysis of 77 studies, consisting of 300,000 elementary and secondary students, found that parental educational expectations are a particularly important aspect of parental involvement. Parenting style, reading to children, and, to a lesser extent, participation in school related activities appeared to be influential as well. Furthermore, parental involvement is associated with multiple measures of student achievement, for the entire student population as well as for minority and low income student populations. Overall, "the academic advantage for those parents who were highly involved in their education averaged about 0. 50. 6 of a standard deviation for overall educational outcomes, grades and academic achievement. " Parental Involvement and Family Structure.

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