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I don trust DeBlasio in general this seems like someone is directing traffic to a conclusion which can be better managed another way. Recent trends in the Banana Republic of Florida, shuts down airport bus transit, and substitutes Uber instead, proclaiming that free enterprise is obviously better. How is this not a direct subsidy?The Banana Republicans just want to swindle drivers and investors both to wallow in their favorite, deranged theology. Ubers strategy for earning returns on its $13 billion investment was always based on eliminating both competition, and any regulatory/legal obstacles to the exploitation of anti competitive market power. Thats the biz plan in a nutshell; operate at a loss until competitors are eliminated and then there is no obstacle to raising the price to consumers. Not a new or innovative strategy. Im much more negative than prior commenters about Ubers actual plan to make money. I think the investors and owners are fully aware that even if they manage to drive all other car service companies out of business and achieve full regulatory capture, they still wont be able to extract enough monopoly rents to become profitable. The same reasons car service companies havent consolidated in multiple cities or regions in the past are still going to work against them here. If Uber attains full global industry dominance and raises prices 300%, Microsoft and Boeing could partner to make NotUberPugetSound and absolutely shred Uber in the Seattle market. And the same is probably true about all high value taxi regions. Theres simply no way for a global taxi monopoly to make enough money to warrant this level of valuation. No, I think its a different plan I think theyre aiming for a direct and humongous government bailout. I was thinking a government enforced monopoly. I dont see any other way, and I still dont think that will work, because of the problem of customers being forced into direct contact with exploited workers and their inevitably non luxurious vehicles, once the pay scales arent subsidized. One aspect of Uber I havent seen addressed anywhere is Ubers high profile radio ad campaign to find drivers.

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