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The term paper topic expresses who you are and youre foreknowledge on the subject matter that it needs a combination of EQ and IQ to create a very good and impressive body. Getting ready to do the challenging task of selecting a term paper topic would mean little brainstorming apparently conducted by little discussions and preliminary interviews on some people. Minor discussions and plain opinion solicitation is already a great help to formulation of some ideas. Reading news articles, some related topics on magazines, and plainly scanning on some books in the library and in the bookstore is so much help. This is a test if one topic may lead to a chain of ideas and tend to induce more thesis questions. Students must know how to gather ideas and listen to directions on which way the selection of a certain term paper topic goes. When the student feels confident in the topic he had selected and feels sure he can complete writing it then the search is finally over. The term paper topic is already found and will be submitted for approval to the instructor. Selection of a term paper topic may not only consist of materials availability but also goes with the comfortability of the student to write selected topic. What do you do if your new car turns out to be a lemon?If the electrician installs the plugs and light switches on the wrong walls?Or if a clumsy waiter pours cranberry juice on your white dress?The first thing to do, of course, is discuss the issue with the manager of the business involved. But if you dont get satisfactory results at that point, dont give up: the next step is to write to the owner of the business or president of the company.

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With a new product, you see new losses to attack. You constantly find better solutions, says Mr Stephenson. New Holland Agriculture is shipping record numbers of tractors but, like the coalition government, is not without big challenges. How easy is it, for example, to find eight per cent operational savings year on year?Colin Larkin, timeserved plant manager at the 40 hectare site in Essex his teeth. We are able to get to 5 6 per cent fairly easily. The other 2 3 per cent is quite painful. We havent reached the impossible point yet. It is a big ask, but entirely realistic in the world of high volume heavy equipment manufacture. New Holland Agriculture henceforth referred to as Basildon or CNH UK is part of the CNH Group that includes agricultural brands Case IH and Steyr, and CNH in turn is part of the Fiat Industrial group which includes truck maker Iveco and the industrial and marine division of Fiat Powertrain Technologies. The division faces internal competition from Case and externally from companies like Caterpillar and John Deere in a global tractor market worth several billion pounds a year. We have just been awarded the WCM Bronze Award October 24.

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As I reflect on those experiences, I am struck by the maturity and confidence of the students that I examined. They were all poised and articulate, well prepared, and seemingly sure of where they were going. ""The students have a level of preparation in both factual knowledge and ability to reason about this knowledge which is truly impressive. The Honors students that I had experience with exceeded many of the graduate students in my institution in the sophistication of their knowledge of their subject. The Honors program gives students an in depth knowledge of a subject area, at an intellectual level that is normally only achieved in graduate programs, as well as the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently about the material. Students graduating with Honors are better qualified to enter graduate programs and excel than any undergraduates I have ever encountered. ""The students I examined had mastered the material, and not just the high points of the syllabus. They were committed to thinking about important issues in economic development: the role of agriculture, women and development, and how economic development interacts with the natural environment. Serving as their examiner was an inspiring experience that allowed me to give something back to the Swarthmore Honors community. ""When faculty members prepare students to be tested by colleagues outside of their institution, they reach beyond their own bank of information, and well beyond the textbook, to groom scholars who are conversant with a wider scientific community. This not only enriches the way a faculty member prepares for a course always mindful of the broader spectrum in which he or she teaches but also prepares students for the next steps in their intellectual journey. As a faculty member who evaluates graduate applicants, I seek out Swarthmore Honors students because I know that they did not simply memorize content, they learned to think like first year graduate students. ""Coming back to Swarthmore as an Honors examiner is a different experience altogether. Even a nuts and bolts type like myself grows misty eyed with revisionist nostalgia for the institution and overcome with fatherly fondness for the Swarthmoreans I get to grill. Soft focus reminiscence aside, I've had one striking experience: these examinees are not good students. They are not students at all. They are great young, but great scientists. ""On three occasions, I have had the pleasure of changing roles and returning to Swarthmore as an honors examiner for international politics. Convinced, as are many alumni by my age, that students today have an easier lot than we did, I discovered that, in fact, little had changed. The students remain immensely talented and well prepared. ""I remind examiners that students will be daunted in the oral because you can ask them anything. So put the students at ease, I suggest, by letting them pick the first thing to discuss. 'Once they are at ease,' I explain, 'you will be able to find out what they know. ' I can say this both based on my experience as a student and because I tried just that as an examiner, with success. Most of all, I can tell students: 'You will survive; see, I'm still here. '""In mathematics we talk about mathematical maturity in our students. The Honors students that I examined achieved a remarkable level of maturity in the subject, being able to fashion rigorous, correct, and insightful arguments, sometimes on their feet, as well as revealing a deep engagement with the special topics. There is no program like it that I know of. Prospective students ought to know that they can have a deep and personal experience in a subject, guided minimally but appropriately by a caring faculty member, after which they will be examined by experts in the field who will encourage them to bring the best of their learning to bear on interesting problems. ""As a scholar in macroeconomics and financial economics, I was asked to be an outside examiner in Honors in both fields. Setting the exams is an interesting and uniquely rewarding task one sits in judgment simultaneously on the College curriculum and on a particular set of students. For those of us for whom the Swarthmore Honors Program was a great, formative experience, being able to give something back is deeply satisfying. ""The Honors Program set me on the road to becoming an educator and a researcher. Preparing for and taking the honors exams was one of the most intense yet satisfying intellectual experiences I've ever had, and gave me confidence that my decision to pursue a graduate degree in economics was not a mistake. ""In math seminars we learned to read texts on our own, solve problems together, and seek alternate sources. Steve Maurer's combinatorics seminar challenged us further to read individual papers and to present the material.

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