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Euthanasia raises questions on morals, legal and essence of Statute of Limitations for FraudThis refers to the maximum time legal action may be brought against someone for the commission of a fraud. This Statute depends on the jurisdiction. Most federal crimes in general have up to 5 years to prosecute. Capital offenses, however, have no Statutes of limitation. Federal frauds carry 10 years Statutes of limitation. These include frauds committed against banks and financial institutions and involving passports or citizenship. Major frauds in the U. S. carry a seven year limit. Tax frauds have a 6 year limit. Legal action is usually begun upon the commission or discovery of the fraud. Alaska, Kentucky and Missouri observe a 10 year limit for fraud. Limit for Alabama is only 2 years and Louisiana, only 1 year after the commission of the fraud. Like murder and other crimes, fraud can overwhelm a victim's whole life. Fraud is thus governed by this Statute of Limitations. The Correctional institutions have enhanced in quality and condition over the years. What started out as dungeons and sewers in ome, the conditions for correctional institutions have improved to quite an extent. In the 1980s, overcrowding became a renowned problem as it also went against the eighth amendment that forbids cruel and unusual punishment. Carter and Glaser, 1977, p. 1 Increased crowdedness causes mental and physical damage to the inmates in the prison according to a research done by Paulus, Cox and McCain. The Iowa department of corrections takes control of the public, workers and the offenders by keeping them under punishment yet away from cruel behaviors as well.

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