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KENTLI, F. 2009. Comparison of Hidden Curriculum Theories, European Journal of Educational Studies, 12, p. 84. GIROUX, H. A.

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In countries like Australia, where gift giving rules are largely unspoken and context dependent, it can be difficult to know what advice to give. So I thought I would just tell you about the four types of responses I got and leave it up to you to decide what to do!Ill admit I was surprised when some people questioned the idea of buying a present at all. Some explained that in their culture it was not the done thing to give a gift to a teacher make note all you students in Sweden. Some people were not sure they wanted to give their supervisor a gift because the relationship was strained. Others thought that giving a gift to a person who is doing their job is not appropriate in any circumstances. It was pointed out that gift giving creates a sense of obligation and reciprocity, which can be awkward for a supervisor especially if they have many students. Then, of course, we are a diverse society. Many people do not celebrate Christmas all because of their atheist stance, others routinely have their own religious holidays ignored by Australias Christian slant. Im not sure how you negotiate this social minefield, but perhaps, if you are unsure what is considered normal behaviour, ask the students who have been there longer than you. Make sure you ask more than one as opinions may vary. Finally: just because certain behaviour is considered normal doesnt mean you have to be normal.

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This is due to the time it takes to complete a degree. Typically a degree is spread of very three years rather than four and most masters degree programs can be completed in one year. This makes UK universities very cost effective compared to other countries. The UK also has many financial aid and scholarships with make it possible for many foreign students to enter these educational institutes. Another incentive of studying in the UK is the UK health care system. Foreign students studying in England, Northern Island, Scotland and Wales on a full time course are entitled to free medical treatment. If you are a student wishing to immigrate to the UK then you could enter the country on a student visa and once your course is completed you could switch to another immigration service like a work permit visa without having to leave the UK. You will need certain circumstances to be eligible for student visa. You either need to prove you have been accepted on a course at a public funding institution like a university, a private education institute or an independent fee paying school. Also you have to prove you intent to attend a recognised full time degree course, a weekday course with at least 15 hours of daytime study a week or a full time course at an independent fee paying school. All the costs of your accommodation and the fees of you course will have to be paid for by yourself and not by any public funds. If you wish to study on a short course of about six months you could possible enter the UK with a tourist visa or visit visa. The difference between entering the UK on a student visa compared to a tourist visa is that with a student visa you will be able to work for 20 hours a week during term time and 40 hours a week during holidays but with a tourist of visa you won't. You can also apply for a student visa as a prospective student. Student visa are normally granted for an initial period of one year but they can also take into consideration the length of the course you intend to study on. You really need to ensure your visa covers the whole of your study period as it is quite common for student visas to expire during your stay which can cause lots of problems. However the UK has a good visa service that ensures any renewal happens in the fastest possible time so it has minimum effect on the student. Regardless of this fact it really is important to find out in advance how long the course is and tell the immigration officials so your visa can last the entire time. Once you have secured your student visa, the rest is down to you. With a bit of hard work and endurance you will be in a great position at the end of your course. You will be able to go back to your country and earn some good money and be the envy of many. Many teenagers see university as the next step to their becoming an adult. The choice of classes is left to them. For many of these students their finances are now in their hands. It is usually at this point that they will think about the need for money to help them with their education. The many different student financial aid plans to help these students and others who need financial help are available from their schools financial office. Information about the various student financial aid plans is also available from the local library and from any of the universities and colleges in the country. Some of the financial programs can offer details of these programs when you call them. You should also be able to find out these various details from the internet. In addition to getting details about the aid plans you can take a look at the forms which you will need to apply. Now before you choose a student financial aid plan and apply, you should read the various terms which will have been provided with the aid document.

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