How Do I Get My Real Estate License In Va

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If My Real Estate License Expired

Getting Real Estate License Online Tennessee

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It also confers results of a survey conducted on students and teachers regarding their application of peer editing and how helpful they find it in their learning/teaching process. Introduction In the field of English language teaching there exist four basic skill areas namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each area plays a significant role in the development of the learners. Writing is a major skill area and is considered a productive skill. Donald H. Graves 1994 provides some factors that state the importance of writing in the sense that it contributes to intelligence by requiring analysis and synthesis of information. It also develops initiative, by requiring that the student supply everything him/herself and develops courage, by requiring that the student give up anonymity. Writing also increases the student's personal knowledge and self esteem and encourages learning in all subject areas, by employing auditory, visual, and kinesthetic systems all at once. Most importantly, writing contributes significantly to improvement in reading skills, vocabulary application, and therefore speaking ability. Peer editing is a step in the writing process that helps students evaluate and improve the quality of their written work in so many ways. What is peer editing?Peer editing/editing is the processes through which students respond to and provide feedback on their peers' writing highlighting the positive and the negative aspects in a way to help each other reach better written products. The peer editor does not correct the paper's mistakes, but helps the writer fix their own mistakes by showing the area of the error and therefore making it clearer for the writer. That is because it is easier to spot another person's mistakes than it is to spot your own and it always helps to show your writing to be looked at by another person. It is worth mentioning that the process of peer editing does not replace the teacher's evaluation nor underestimate its value. It is a step between peers in a way to avoid submitting a full of mistakes paper. Benefits of peer editing Peer editing allows students to share ideas regarding the topics of their writing, the different styles and structures and the editing methods and techniques, Myra L. Karegianes. It also creates an atmosphere of cooperation and enthusiasm among students. They feel equal in one situation where they are helping each other to produce better results. In this regard, peer editing plays an important role in developing students' independence and raising their self esteem and confidence in their abilities. In addition, peer editing enhances students' responsibility by allocating them a role similar to the teacher's to spot mistakes and help fix them.

Where Can I Get My Real Estate License In Florida
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