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You gotta protect it. People cant do something themselves, they want to tell you cant do it. If you want something, go get it. Period. Sports have created some of the best motivational speeches ever. Fake or real, these are some of the most popular motivational speeches from Hollywood!As a huge movie fan, I this speech and consider it the best sports motivational speeches of all time.

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Marys Elementary School, a local religious school that her parents wanted her to attend. It was at St. Marys that her musical talent was first discovered. Beyonce decided to take some dance classes where she learned both classic ballet and jazz. After a recital, her instructor heard her humming and when she was actually able to hit the high note realized that he had a music genius in the making on his hands. She enrolled in the school talent show and despite an early case of stage fright, got out there and sang, getting rave reviews at the age of 7. In 1990, Beyonce switched schools and enrolled in Parker Elementary School, a special music magnet school for those who are gifted in the musical arts. She sang there with the school choir until graduation, when she attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. Amazingly, in spite of being a super star, when one asks the question what schools did Beyonce attend, for college, you will not hear that she went to Juliard or some other school of the performing arts. Instead, you will find that Beyonce never made it to college. By the time of her high school graduation, Beyonce was already well on her way to becoming a super star.

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Ron Haun began his twenty year coaching career with the Ricks College football team. Men's track and field team placed second nationally with three individual champions under the guidance of Coach Jed Gibson. Success in the Latter Years 1983 2002 1983 84 Men's basketball team placed sixth nationally for the highest national finish in Ricks College history. Coach Gary Gardner began the season with a 16 0 winning run, ending with 28 5. The formation of the Western States Football League was announced with Don Rydalch as president. In addition to Ricks, three teams were in Arizona and three in Utah. A national record of 25 quarterback sacks was set by Jason Buck who was named the defensive player of the year by the J. C. Gridwire, a national junior college football newsletter. Buck later played at BYU and professionally for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Redskins. Fotu Katoa broke three school football records and tied a third for receptions. Fotu later married Elizabeth Tayler, a member of the cross country and track field team. They were the first husband wife team to be honored in the Athletic Hall of Fame. 1986 The football team never lost a game one game ended in a tie and was only four votes shy of the national championship. 1988 The college's centennial celebration year added three distinctions. The Viking statue was placed in the Hart foyer as a gift from the student body. The wrestling squad placed second nationally coached by Bob Christensen. Ricks won the Centennial Bowl the post season predecessor to the Real Dairy Bowl in the Minidome at Idaho State University. 1990 The women's volleyball team ended the season ranked second nationally with a 54 8 record. 1991 The wrestling team included Rulon Gardner, national heavyweight champion; nine years later Gardner became an Olympic gold medalist. 1992 The first woman was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame Barbara Green Yeck, 1979 81, basketball. The wrestling team won the regional title for the first time in 20 years and finished third nationally with one national champion. 1993 Coach Lori Woodland's Lady Vikings took third nationally in women's basketball with a season record of 29 4. 1994 Women's cross country team won the national title the beginning of Coach Doug Stutz's dynasty. 1996 Coached by Larry Stocking and in their first year of competition, the women's softball won the conference and regional titles but lost in first round of national finals. The following three years, they returned to nationals and finished within the top three. 1997 Women's track and field team won the national title with five individual champions. Their coach was Ferron Sonderegger. 1998 The Vikings lined up against Butler County, Kansas, in the Real Dairy Bowl for the national junior college football title and ended with a narrow loss and a score of 22 18. A new baseball facility was put into use on the south end of the campus. 1998 Coach JoAnn Reeve was inducted into the NJCAA Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

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