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The Book Thief. 3rd ed. New York: Knopf. Available at: Last name, First initial. Year published. Title/description. Available at: URL Government Agency or Last name, First Initial. , Year published, Title of Document or Article. City published: Publisher, Pages. It has to be kept in mind that the reference list has to be arranged in an alphabetical order while making the Harvard reference list. Australian Guide to Legal Citation is Australian referencing style used at the time of legal citation. The referencing style consists of Citation in the body of the page. A superscript is used for the same purpose. A list of footnotes is added at the end of each page. The bibliography or the reference list is added by the end of the writing piece. The referencing style has been adopted by majority of Australian Law Library. It is used in all journals, articles and other law related writing piece. Superscript numbers are used whenever it is required to in text any kind of citation of books or journals. This is done to show from where the idea or the quotes have been taken from. It must be kept in mind that when citations are repeated, the bibliography is not repeated. The style or format of the AGCL referencing and citation is a collaborative approach between the Melbourne University Law Review Association and the Melbourne Journal of International Law. Various revisions have been made on the referencing style but the same style has been followed for citing legal writings since the time the style was published for the first time. The reference style is used in various law schools and universities. In fact, it is used by the practitioners as well. 1Kelly Burton, Thomas Craft and Stella Terrant, Principles of Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia Lawbook, 201280 3. 1Augusto Rozinni, How Judges Undermine the Rules of Laws 2012 12 International Trade and Business Law Review 180, 1361Australian Law Reform Commission, For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law and Practice, Report No 108 2010 vol 2, 300 1Law Society of Western Australia, History of the Law Society of Western Australia, It is to be noted here that the references that have been stated above as examples are used in the same style in the Bibliography. The style of writing has been accepted by a wide range of people in regular practitioners of law and other legal places. It is often asked that why a different referencing style is used for citing references related to law and legal approaches. Generally OSCOLA referencing is used for legal referencing. The style is used for referring both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include Cases, Statutes, and Legislation cases and even for human rights related cases.

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