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And Greenwood, like Wakanda, offers a prosperous setting at odds with the usual pop culture locales of black suffering: the plantation, the tumultuous 60s, the dangerous inner city. Theres only so many slave narratives that we want to see, says Mike Jackson, a partner at Get Lifted Film Co. along with John Legend. Theres been a change in the perception of black narratives and the types of stories an audience would want to consume. Get Lifted specializes in historical tales that cast black people as heroes rather than victims. The WGN show Underground, which garnered positive reviews and strong ratings, dares to portray a group of slaves journey to freedom via the Underground Railroad as entertainment first, sober historical account second.

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You might even take on some early work that pays chump change but gets you some useful clips. Through that early free and low paid work, youll gain skills and experience that you can charge a higher rate for down the road. For instance, if you can show a clip that got hundreds or even thousands of page views, a client may be more willing to pay higher rates for your services. Then, as you learn how to write better pieces, you can command better rates. The easiest way to get started as a writer is to see if anyone you know could use your writing services. For instance, someone in your family could need some posts written for their side business.

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