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At Cambridge he composed several academic exercises called prolusions, which were presented as oratorical performances in the manner of a debate. In such exercises, students applied their learning in logic and rhetoric, among other disciplines. Milton authorized publication of seven of his prolusions, composed and recited in Latin, in 1674, the year of his death. In 1632, after seven years at Cambridge, Milton returned to his family home, now in Hammersmith, on the outskirts of London. Three years later, perhaps because of an outbreak of the plague, the family relocated to a more pastoral setting, Horton, in Buckinghamshire. In these two locations, Milton spent approximately six years in studious retirement, during which he read Greek and Latin authors chiefly. Without gainful employment, Milton was supported by his father during this period. In 1638, accompanied by a manservant, Milton undertook a tour of the Continent for about 15 months, most of which he spent in Italy, primarily Rome and Florence. The Florentine academies especially appealed to Milton, and he befriended young members of the Italian literati, whose similar humanistic interests he found gratifying. Invigorated by their admiration for him, he corresponded with his Italian friends after his return to England, though he never saw them again. While in Florence, Milton also met with Galileo, who was under virtual house arrest.

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You may also need to use analytical tools that include description, but you must organize the data and information described by groups, parts, categories, or relationships. These categories are usually part of the discipline. You may however have to create them for your text specifically. Some of the common indicators for analytical tasks include contrast, comparison, relationship, analysis, or examination. In comparison to analytical writing, persuasive writing is more profound. The majority of academic essays tend to be convincing. On the same note, it is important to note that at least the conclusion and discussion section of a research article has a persuasive element. With the addition of the author's point of view, Persuasive writing shares some of the features of analytical academic writing. Students of graduate studies use their arguments, evaluate the work of others, interpret results, or advise to provide an academic perspective. You must support each claim with some evidence when writing a convincing text. Some of the key indicators that your task is convincing include discussion, argument, position, or argument. For graduates, researchers, and postgraduate students, critical academic writing is common. Critical writing requires at least two points of view plus yours, as opposed to persuasive writing. Critical writing has all the characteristics of convincing writing but needs at least one view. For example, one might have to explain the point of view of a researcher plus assess the merits of the argument or provide his point of view or alternative interpretation. I am a creative writer from Academicwritingpro .

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