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Thanks Robin for responding. I have so much to read!I saw this article and it talks about how the feds might help implement the proposed reduction in testing:t includes the following quote:Multiple Measures: The administration also promises technical support and, in some cases, money to states that want to expand the use of portfolios, projects, technology supported assessments, competency based assessments, student surveys, measures of school climate and discipline and other indicators besides standardized tests to determine how well students are learning and schools are functioning. The plan also calls on Congress to fund states that want to audit their testing and cut back on redundant or low quality tests. Wow all of those are exactly what you are talking about. So see if am I getting this right?Again bribing with federal dollars to get states/localities to do what the feds want. PARCC and Smarter Balance Testing stay for now as a yearly exam? but lets get ready for a wave of surveys about school climate and social/emotional dispositions? My child takes MAP testing.

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Have Facebook and Twitter accounts. That way, you will reach a considerable number of prospective clients. Charging cheap will not drive many clients into your services. All you need to do is offer your clients value to whatever you charge them. Many clients will seek services due to the quality of services provided and not the cost. Once you start at meagre rates, many might value your services at that level thus making it hard for you to grow. Life coaching is an expertise experience whereby the coach equips the clients with the necessary skills to achieve their life goals and live a positive life. For one to motivate the clients and offer valuable services, they require vast experience in the field. The primary reason for many coaches to start a career is to earn a living. Hence, it is vital for them to apply the above tips to be successful. Keeping fit is the daily dream of every human.

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The reviewer and editor think, If the authors dont care enough to make the numbers match, then what confidence can I have in attention to detail in their research? Such blatant inconsistency casts a pall on the entire peer review. The introduction is typically four paragraphs, and should not be a literature review. Rather, it should frame the problem or hypothesis, drawing from a few key papers whose conclusions lead to the question at hand. All other citations belong in the discussion save methods published previously. The last sentence should be we hypothesized, or our objective was or similar. The methods section should describe the setting, the inclusiveness of the sample, specific inclusion/exclusion criteria and the intervention, if any. How were subjects identified?How did you gather, record and analyze the data?What safeguards were in place to protect data integrity and accuracy?What statistical tests and programs did you use?It is important to have a statistician or senior researcher write or review this portion of the methods section. If equipment or computer programs were used, list the manufacturer, model or version number, which would enable a reader to replicate the study. If the study is a retrospective chart review, describe compliance with the 712 elements outlined in one of two methodology papers by Gilbert and Lowenstein3 or Worster and Bledsoe. 4Within the results section, present the primary outcome measure first, followed by secondary ones. If there are more than four or five related results, report them in a graph or table. Text in the results section should not repeat graphic or tabular results, but rather provide a synopsis of results. Design graphs in black and white, with different patterns, as most print journals are not color and the resultant shades of gray are difficult to discriminate. Describe results in absolute, not relative, terms. For example, The absolute risk reduction in mortality was 2% 4% to 2% rather than, The relative risk reduction was 50%. This is intellectually honest, and avoids artificially inflating the relative benefit of an intervention. To compare groups, use p values with 95% confidence intervals, and report the number needed to treat and to harm from the absolute difference in outcomes. This gives information to gauge clinical import of the intervention. For diagnostic tests, use likelihood ratios in addition to sensitivity, specificity, and positive/negative predictive values. This allows the reader to change the pre test probability of a condition to a post test one after the diagnostic test, using the Fagan nomogram. 5Even if key findings in a picture or figure seem obvious, annotate them with arrows to provide greater clarity.

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