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Field notes were condensed accounts of events observed in the classroom. Missing gaps in these data were filled with data collected from teacher and student interviews. Before data collection and analysis began, study propositions were formulated. In keeping with Yins 2002 case study methodology, two propositions formed the core of the research framework: a Technology improves students motivation to learn content and b technology augments the development of student work through providing students with organizational frameworks, connecting students to resources, and supporting students creativity. The integration of technology within the social studies provides crucial links in building content and technological literacies. Collected data was linked to the propositions through comparison of common patterns Denzin and Lincoln, 2000; Yin, 2002, analyzing emergent themes Spradley, 1980, and triangulation Denzin and Lincoln, 2000; Yin, 2002. After the data was collected, analysis of the data formed links between the theoretical framework and the results of the case. A crosswalk of issues showed the links between the study questions, data sources, data analysis, and theoretical framework and also helped establish reliability for the study. To redress the initial question of what a teacher is to do with these uninterested and unmotivated students, a closer look at the case described is necessary. Once the teacher in the scenario described earlier finished with the classroom instruction, she assigned the students a project of creating a PowerPoint slide as a political campaign advertisement for their states senatorial race. Students were expected to research their candidate of choice and develop an advertisement utilizing one of the various media strategies for which the teacher had provided information.

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One study will analyze the effects on traffic if drivers were charged a per mile tax or an entry fee to certain neighborhoods, or if more carpool lanes were converted to toll lanes. Another study will detail how many trips are made by Uber and Lyft, what effect the ubiquitous for hire cars have on traffic congestion, and whether adding a fee could shift some riders toward carpooling or public transit. That same study also will examine whether to levy a fee on shared bicycles, electric scooters and other devices. Agency estimates show that charging $1 a day for each device, regardless of the number of trips, could collect $580 million over a decade. The proposals to charge more to drive, bike or scoot in the region were introduced as a way to raise funds for transportation projects before the 2028 Olympic Games. But Metro directors voted Thursday to separate those goals. This has to be about congestion relief and not to generate more revenue, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said. This is an effort that cant be and shouldnt be rushed. That isnt to say that we want to go slow and kill this thing off. But we have to be deliberate. Each study will take a year to two years and will examine how a fee structure could affect traffic flow, transit ridership and low income commuters. No new fees would be imposed until the studies are finished, officials said. If both proposals are approved, Metro would launch a pilot program of congestion pricing and a tax on Uber and Lyft at the same time, officials said. Imposing more tolls would offer a smoother drive for those who choose to pay, officials say. Getting more drivers off the road could free space to speed up bus service, while the billions of dollars in revenue could fund a vast expansion of the transit network, Metro said. Early critics of the congestion pricing proposal have said additional fees could be a burden for low income households that spend a significant share of their monthly income on transportation. Whats prohibitively expensive for someone of limited means is a drop in the bucket for the affluent, Eric Preven, who serves on the Studio City Neighborhood Council, said during Thursdays meeting. But addressing concerns about low income households does not apply only to drivers, said Los Angeles City Councilman and Metro director Paul Krekorian. Buses sit in the same traffic that private cars do, making service slower and less reliable, and inconveniencing some of L. A. Countys poorest residents, he said. The assumption often is, when we talk about congestion pricing, that we need to be concerned about car dependent people, Krekorian said. Metros bus riders have a median household income of less than $18,000, and four out of five passengers have no access to a car. Metro has argued that charging drivers more to use freeways and streets would free up space for buses to run faster, potentially improving their efficiency. A modest form of congestion pricing is already in place on the 110 and 10 freeways, where drivers who are alone in their cars can pay by the mile to use carpool lanes. As traffic congestion in the lanes rises, so do the tolls to a maximum of $20 for a one way trip. To make the charges palatable to drivers, experts say any congestion pricing scheme must be coupled with frequent, reliable public transportation, so people dont feel as though theyre being pushed out of their cars with no other options. Metro has toyed with the possibility of using the revenue from a congestion fee to expand transit and further subsidize fares, making using the service much cheaper or even free. Right now, taxes cover about 80% of the systems operating costs. The proposal to tax Uber and Lyft dismayed many Angelenos, who have become reliant on the vehicles that cost far less than in other major U. S.

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