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It just takes a little effort and study but it's easy. Then get an old useless kettle or something I have a couple old kettles where the teflon is coming off, can't make food in them anymore and boil the parts in water. Then while hot take them out and wipe and dry them down then clean them with regular solvent and then oil. you can study independently through use of several study kits, or you can usually find a group of students who are studying if you ask around the local colleges. Try Gleimers online tool kits. You may find more info there.

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Though its not in the context of the formal education it brings about a great impact in the students life. For Synder in the first chapter of his book he advanced his proposition that the assignments given in the classroom and the rewards for superior work are not limited to the formal curriculum. While many tasks are cast in explicit terms there is another set of less obvious tasks which bears a most interesting and important relationship to the formal curriculum. The question for the student is not only what he will learn but how he will learn, and when he will learn. These covert, inferred tasks, and the means to their mastery, are linked together in a hidden curriculum. They are rooted in the professors' assumptions and values, the students' expectations, and the social context in which both teacher and taught find themselves. The formal education or curriculum teaches us the technicalities needed for our chosen career. It gives us the framework of all the degrees being offered at school. Meanwhile, the so called hidden curriculum should be given an equal value and attention. I believe that our character as a person will help determine our success. We may have all the knowledge and skills on our endeavor or chosen path but without the proper attitude on handling it we might meet failure. I would like to introduce Hidden Curriculum as Life 101, wherein a student acquires certain set of social skills that confirms to norms but not submitting totally. Having them be with peers without the pressure, letting them be ethical and morally bound, them being strong in character but not be slave to it. It is needless to say that most students today are either socially awkward, stereotypically and pragmatic in the sense that they rely mostly on ideas fed to them by the media, the educational institution and their religious beliefs. As an instructor reading on about this Hidden Curriculum I realized its relevance and its impact. I also got to reflect whether as a teacher I am really helping my students cope with their own selves. he Hidden Curriculum bookHidden curriculum is defined as being an implicit curriculum. Rather than coming about by design, it represents behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge that are communicated without conscious intent it is an accumulation of values communicated indirectly, through actions and words that are part of everyday life in a community. Determining whether hidden curriculum should be given equal emphasis with other types of curriculum implemented in schools is rather a difficult question. According to an article, the messages of hidden curriculum may complement or contradict each other as well as the official curriculum. Hidden curriculum can support or undermine official curriculum. For example, if we display athletic trophies in the hallway near the school's main officebut not recognition for debate or music or scholarshipconveys a hierarchy of valued accomplishments that puts sports ahead of academics. It is likely that hidden curriculum has the most impact when there is an aggregate or a pattern of consistent messages. When hidden and explicit curricula conflict, it may be that hidden curriculum, like nonverbal communication, carries more weight. Well, it is really confusing. It is difficult to observe and evaluate the impacts of something that is hidden. I think that if the values that teachers are trying to transmit are positively interpreted, accepted and applied by the students, then the hidden curriculum should be given equal emphasis. What if this is otherwise the case?Well, I dont have enough knowledge about this yet to make a stand, but if hidden curriculum is carefully and successfully applied, it can really help students have a better sense of what is truly important for their learning such as making connections, character education and becoming a self directed learner. As a result, this hidden curriculum equips learners of the 21st century with lessons more significant than technical skills or tools. In the actual workplace, people will be dealing with various circumstances and problems that are more social, cultural and behavioral in nature. Hence, those who learned from the hidden curriculum essential values, knowledge and behaviors will be able to successfully cope with the pressures of the work environment.

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