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e. , nonmedical misuse, medical misuse, and mixed misuse and substance use disorder SUD symptoms from PDM by educational status/attainment. In adolescents and across medication classes, the highest rates of any use, PDM, medical misuse, nonmedical misuse, and presence of two or more SUD symptoms were seen in those with poor school adjustment or not in school. In young adults, opioid PDM and related outcomes were more prevalent in those not in school, especially high school dropouts. For stimulants, rates were highest in full time college students and college graduates. Read more.

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4. I picked the stretch from 1 pm to 9 pm on Saturday, January 10. This would give me four hours in the non peak guarantee period and four in the peak. I decided to try to start and end my day in central Fort Worth, west of downtown in an area where three distinct ride zones intersect, all three of which regularly show up on Uber heat maps which show drivers areas of increased demand yellow, high demand orange, and surge pricing red. This would allow me healthy enough volume to meet the guarantee criteria easily, I believed. And I was right.

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