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Here a few good tips for turning in a quality story to your editor/teacher. Thanks for the push!you like, you can try out that short and snappy article method I told you about , ended up making 4 additional articles off of that one original post here, here, here, and , How To Write A Short and Snappy Article . Bored readers will leave. Instead, use vital, action verbs and colorful nouns. There is definitely a right and wrong way to write a short article. Do you need to cross out entire sentences?I think this is because most people do get distracted with longer articles and never finish them!Sure, if youre writing for a more proficient audience, theyll tend to be a bit more forgiving.

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I come from a very stressful home. The power gets cut off all the time, my vehicle may get repoed, and I have no money saved up because I have never been employed. I was very involved in school, so I did not have the schedule a part time job was looking for. School was my get away. No one knew what I ever went through at home. That is why I was involved.

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Read more. E cigarettes have dramatically increased in popularity among youth. Coincident with expanded legalization, young adults use of cannabis marijuana has also steadily increased in recent years. Use of tobacco products can increase the chances of later cannabis initiation among youth. However, most longitudinal investigations of tobacco and cannabis use patterns have focused on tobacco cigarettes, included adolescents as opposed to young adults, and have only employed two timepoints. The current findings suggest that the association of e cigarette use and cannabis use is likely bidirectional, with stronger support for the link from e cigarette use to later cannabis use, above and beyond cigarette use. As e cigarettes gain further hold of the tobacco product market share and cannabis legalization continues to expand, data such as these will be critical for informing regulatory decisions for e cigarettes and cannabis, particularly involving their accessibility to youth and young adults. Read more. This studys purpose was to examine the prevalence and correlates of college student use of illicit substances including cocaine, designer drugs, and nonmedical use of prescription stimulants and opioids, and to identify how different drug related perceptions are related to past year use of these substances. S. Findings suggest that future college student drug prevention efforts should more directly target current marijuana users since they are most at risk of using other illicit substances. Additionally, findings indicate that injunctive norms may be an important consideration for education focused drug prevention programs. However, findings should be interpreted in light of limitations of the sample, which is predominantly female. Read more. Disordered eating behaviors are associated with non medical use of prescription stimulants for weight and appetite related purposes. Yet, estimates of the prevalence and types of disordered eating associated with non medical use vary. Additionally, little is known about the association between medical use of prescription stimulants and disordered eating. Data were collected from 87,296 college students at 127 institutions that participated in the Healthy Minds Study. Non medical use of prescription stimulants NMUPS was reported by 2. One third of students using prescription stimulants non medically reported two or more disordered eating attitudes and behaviors. Disordered eating was a significant predictor of non medical, but not medical use of prescription stimulants. The risk for NMUPS increases with disordered eating symptomatology. There is a need to assess for NMUPS among college students presenting with disordered eating. Read more. The misuse of prescription stimulants e. g. , vet assistant, some nursing, IT support, etc. It all depends on what you want to do with your life. I always knew I was going to get a university degree my parents decreed it. But I was the first and basically, only person on both sides of my family to get a university degree. Ive since gone back and am working on my PhD, but Ive accepted the fact that I might be overeducating myself. Personally, Ive got no problem with people not going to school after high school. But you have to do something smart with your life. If I had kids who didnt achieve high marks, and had no interest in being lawyers, doctors, whatever, I would recommend a trade. For example, my spouse is an airplane mechanic I think that is the coolest job and nothing to sneeze at, even if no degree was required. Plus, were getting into a shortage of tradespeople, like plumbers, electricians.

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