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is very hard to receive and very little amount of people who go to college actually receive it. The author also helps show that college is overrated by saying that it's too easy to learn and get an education through technology like through websites or video chats and that it's easier learning and easier to access than actually going to college. My stance on this is that, no, not too many people are going to college, and yes, technology makes it easier to learn but actually going to college can be better because going to college can lead you to the path on what you want to do as a job or career in the future, even if that means not earning a B. A. Going to college can be a fun experience so I believe that more people should go and attend college. Author Charles Murray in his article "Are Too Many People Going to College?" that we should encourage more kids to go to college, but it is not the only way to go about life.

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This budget has not been favourable to education; quoting from , the allocation to education in 2003 was7%; 2004 was 12% while 2005 was 11%, this figure did not show government commitment to education. Nigeria is blessed with many natural resources on which her economy rest upon; however over dependent on petroleum has seriously affected the economy. The effect is on science education since science equipment and apparatus are inadequate in the country and the cost of importing these materials is high because of exchange rate. According to , all effort to shift focus of economy from oil industry to other economic activities has not yield positive result because of corruption. Science teachers salary and other allowances are not paid. science equipment are not supplied due to declining in output and slow economic growth because of labour distortions, redundancy of the workforce, brain drain among others . Science teachers are key factor to be considered when talking about the development of science education in any nation. There are shortages of qualified science teachers in Nigerian schools. So called science teachers are not professionally qualified. They may have the knowledge of the subject but lack the method. on his study of challenges and prospects of primary science teaching affirmed that there are unqualified science teachers in our schools. Attitude of many teachers to teaching are discouraging; they have been teaching for many years without upgrading their certificate by going for in service training. This affects their output and it is a problem to the development of science education. Science teachers should use different strategies as there is no single universal approach for specific class. Many science teachers still hold to chalk and talk method which is not appropriate for science teaching in this age Lack of good strategies in the teaching of science is affecting student performance and at long run affects student enrolment . The table below shows students enrolment in some years back in science in a college of education. Students dont want to offer science in school because teachers are not making its teaching interesting; thereby affecting students enrolment in schools as seen in table below. There is no problem without solution, therefore what is happening presently in Nigeria as it affects the development of science education have solution if Nigerians are ready to pay the price. Nigerians must be ready to wage total war against corruption; it should be a war that everybody must take part in. There should be laws made specifically for corruption and this law must be enforced no matter whom the corrupt person may be. The law should touch every aspects of life; it should not be limited to money alone as it is presently. Any government official who favoured anybody in admission, employment and promotion based on ethnicity or religion should be seriously sanctioned as someone who stole government money. Various professional bodies in tertiary institutions should rise up to the present challenge and ensure they curtail the excesses of their members in schools. There should be no sales of handout in universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. Violation of this law should be dismissal from the service and any book to be sold should be properly screen to know its worth in content and money. Nigerians should change their orientation; worshipping wealth and position is not the best for us because it encourages corruption.

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