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Abhishek Agarwalright now, i'm not sold on the idea of getting a student loan for college. i'm a little bothered by the stories of students acquiring huge debts after college and i really don't know what to do. maybe i can try getting a loan for a semester?and take my chances on a scholarship for the next sem?i wanna know your honest experience with student loans. should i get one?or not?thanks!It would be worth it to go through school slower, and work your way through than to saddle yourself with a ton of debt that you may not be able to pay back. I had student loans and ended up paying the biggest on back twice because that one had not gotten consolidated into the other one I paid it separately. 20 years later it came up as not paid and I paid it again after a lot of harassment cause who would save a receipt that long.

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But then theres that money thing. my whole life has been the money, the almighty dollar and the lack the of !DDL and Martha, You say there has been a decline in the schools teaching proper English since the 60s, however did you ever stop to think that it is not a decline but an evolution?We doth not speak as Shakespeare, because we evolved past the Elizabethan era of grammar and mechanics of writing. We are now going through another evolution which can be seen by newer publications that will publish, what you would deem to be, deplorable example of English writing. As a mother of four kids that are going through school with the new common core method, I have realized that with the decrease in face to face and increase with technology use, the way things used to be done are changing. English is now about writing how you would speak, if you would pause in the middle of a sentence, add a comma. I do not necessarily agree with the new method, but I do however understand where they are coming from in wanting to add more personality to writing as voice to voice contact is less and less.

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