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Your job is to simply choose the correct answer from a list of possible choices. You buy books about the violin. Answers to Apply Your Knowledge Figure Questions and end of chapter multiple choice and objective questions are included at the back of the text. NB You may use any letter more than once. D 3. Andi OK Rob I 39 m glad we chose quite a specific topic Cities built next to the sea. Below is an example of a band score 9 IELTS writing task 2 model essay. Match the information about the service with questions A F in the picture. Grammar is presented through listening material so your listening skills will also develop while you study. B 4. my essay words is more than 300 and i want to reduce to around 280 but it is hard for me to change it.

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Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Monday Dec. 29, 2008, at Fancy Gap Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev. Dwight Sechrist and Mr. Tim Davis.

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