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corporations, we embark upon doing a national audit of employability of 3 year bachelors degree graduates. This is in line with our 2 commitment of reviewing higher education, similar to what we did for engineering1 and management sectors. We attempt to gain a clear understanding of exactly what percentages of graduates are employable for different job profiles available for the fresh non professional graduates. If the employability is low for certain profile, which skill gaps render them inefficient?Are the students studying in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities disadvantaged?What are the learning levels of these graduates in their domain specific subjects?How do they perform in the English and Computer Knowledge sections, which find minimum space in the general graduate curriculum?Defining employability of simple graduates for different roles has been a tedious task, considering the fact that these are non professional graduates and have not been trained specifically on industry skills, and hence the industry expectations from them are quite different than those from professional engineers and management graduates. The National Employability Report: Graduates, Annual Report 2013 quantifies their employability and We, today, have amassed answers the above questions along with many others. substantial learning both We sincerely believe this report will be a useful tool in the hands of conceptual and empirical educationists, policy makers and corporations and make them reflect with regard to what makes upon and implement the right interventions to bridge the gaps. We, at someone employable in our end, will continuously strive towards providing a yearly report card a certain sector in a on non professional graduate education in India, and help students particular profile. across the nation by providing feedback on their skill gaps and connecting them to matching jobs. With commitment to fostering a healthy education employment eco system in India. Varun Aggarwal Co founder and CTO, Aspiring Minds1. National Employability Report Engineering graduates 2011 2.

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