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To what extent do you agree with this statement?Go To Sample In many countries, when someone gets old, they often go to live in a house with other old people where there are nurses to look after them. Sometimes governments pay for this care. Who should be responsible for our old people?Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice. Go To Sample Because of the pressure of new subjects such as business studies, many schools have dropped sport of physical education PE from the curriculum. How important is sport or PE in a young person's education?Go To Sample You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Many newspapers and magazines feature stories about the private lives of famous people. We know what they eat, where they buy their clothes and who they love. We also often see pictures of them in private . Go To Sample In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing. What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them?Give reasons and include relevant examples from your own experience. Go To Sample Blood sports have become a hot topic for debate in recent years.

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Know your needs and do what you can to get them met. Know what helps you release stress. Make sure that you have play time, too, since it can be easy to work all the time at your art business. Perspective. This is the secret weapon. Perspective is the most powerful tool we have.

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After a while I got some certs and a good supply of tools. I got really good at r/r all types of things, especially motors and transmissions. Foreign cars were my specialty. However, my driveability skills were suspect. I took some classes, got more certs, got good at driveability, and I thought I had finally made it. This is when my pay hit the glass ceiling. I was working flat rate, which is the biggest scam in the world. I hear mechanics all of the time talking about how much they flat rate and they are simply fooling themselves. Flat rate does not take into account for rust, warranty repairs, or any work after 40 hours in which you should be getting paid 50% more. Honest, prideful workers are getting totally screwed by flat rate. I saw the light, and took my time finding ajob that was rare in this industry, or at least in the Motor City/Suburbs: 40 hrs a week, no weekends, and a salary. With my next job I simply negotiated a high weekly salary. Unfortunately, this guy I worked for was a Jekyll and Hyde type. He could be really cool, and then for no reason he could be the biggest back stabbing prick in the world. He was so convinced that he was the best mechanic in the world and anytime he perceived a slight against this, he went out of his way to make me look and feel stupid in front of anyone who was in earshot. I was so sick of the endless succession of power hungry nobodies that I knew I had to get out of the business. The worst part about being a mechanic besides the pain and the filth is the assholes you work with and for, especially if everyone is on flat rate or other types of commission. At only one job did I get any kind of health insurance, and only two jobs gave me paid vacations. It's like working in 1910 or something. I've had people put razor blades upside down in my metallic bolt tray. I've had a co worker take a customers car joyriding supercharged Thunderbird turd without permission and blow the motor on it, then try to blame it on me!I've had guys steal my tools. I've had guys steal my money. I've had to wake up passed out drunks that fell asleep in someone's car. I've had guys, including bosses, offer me cocaine, methamphetamine, weed, heroin, and any other type of drug you can think of. Keep in mind these people were working on an innocent person's car. I worked with a guy that pissed all over the interior of someone's car when they were $11short with their money.

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