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Most states develop special juvenile justice systems in parallel to the adult criminal justice system. Children are diverted into this system when they have committed what would have been an offense in an adult. 2. As the physical capacity of a child to commit a crime. Hence, children are deemed incapable of committing some or other acts requiring abilities of a more mature quality. The age of majority is the threshold of adulthood as it is conceptualized in law. It is the chronological moment when children legally assume majority control over their persons and their actions and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of their parents over and for them. But in the cyber world it is not possible to follow these traditional principles of criminal law to fix liability. Statistics reveal that in the cyber world, most of the offenders are those who are under the age of majority. Therefore, some other mechanism has to be evolved to deal with cyber criminals. Frank William Abagnale, Jr.

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The first advice that we can provide is to not compromise on such things as the child has a good rank in the entrance exam and the chances for the admission in top NIT are high. Solution 2: Secondly, the parent can identify whether there is an NIT located in his/ her location or nearby city. If yes, check the record of accomplishment of the institute such as previous placements report, fee structure and infrastructure. If all the aspects are satisfactory, it is advisable to choose the respective NIT. Solution 3: Thirdly, if there is no NIT located in the city or nearby location of parent, he/ she can send his/ her son to the top private engineering college located in the region. While choosing the top private engineering college, it is advisable to do a background check.

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2012, 12:58 p. m. , twitter. com/PurdueWLab/status/176728308736737282. Video and audio sources need to be documented using the same basic guidelines for citing print sources in MLA style. Include as much descriptive information as necessary to help readers understand the type and nature of the source you are citing. If the authors name is the same as the uploader, only cite the author once. If the author is different from the uploader, cite the authors name before the title. McGonigal, Jane. Gaming and Productivity. YouTube, uploaded by Big Think, 3 July 2012, W3E. 8 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test. YouTube, uploaded by Crazy Russian Hacker, 6 June 2016, BlpjSEtELs. List the username as the author. Use the phrase, Comment on, before the title. Use quotation marks around the article title. Name the publisher, date, time listed on near the comment, and the URL. Not Omniscient Enough. Comment on Flight Attendant Tells Passenger to Shut Up After Argument Over Pasta. ABC News, 9 Jun 2016, 4:00 p. m.

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