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As Olsen 2013 notes, everything is leading to a world that feels less personal, less polite and less human. So while there have definitely been some good points about the Digital Era and the Information Agesuch as the ability to now share information more easily than ever before, to social contract would observe the law as well as the institution to enforce that law. y the enforcement of that law, those covered could expect justice to be done to them and everybody else. In times of trouble, such as when burglars or other criminals attack, one could call the police for help. Those covered by the contract need neither to fear such unjust attacks nor to take the law into their own hands. The weak need not fear the strong. The deal for those covered by the social contract is that they join individual forces and resources with others who also want peace and equality, so that their own goods may not be taken from them unjustly, either. And because there are more people who want their goods and other rights protected than those who want a free for all all the time, there would be more people who would join Digital DivideThe Social System: User, Managers, and IT ProfessionalsThe term Digital Divide refers to the broad disparities between income groups in terms of availability of information technologies including the Internet and related services. Studies of the Digital Divide show that the greater the accessibility of the Internet, specifically in schools and libraries, the higher the probability of students graduating and pursuing advanced education Stevenson, 2009. Advocate organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gates Center for technology Access GCTA argue that it is critically important for the Digital Divide to be eradicated to ensure below poverty line children and families have an opportunity to pursue educational opportunities and therefore increase their earning potential Stevenson, 2009. The hard reality of the Digital Divide is that it exists in the United States just as prevalently as in 3rd world nations Agarwal, Animesh, Prasad, 2009.

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