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Enrollees will participate in a simulated forensic history, demonstrate speculum insertion on a live patient model and practice expert witness testimony in a mock trial as a part of the educational training. The participants will have a beginning understanding of the issues and complexities of the SANE/SAFE role. Part one: Self directed, online and clinical course designed to help professionals provide their services in the most effective way. It provides 40 hours of online curriculum that you will be allowed 6 weeks to successfully compete. Upon registering below, you will be emailed detailed instructions for the online course. The online course will be open on June 24 and will close on August 3. Once registered, you will be receiving an email with specific instructions to accessing the online portion of the course from Laura Johns, MSN, RN SANE A Johnson county SART/SANE Coordinator. Part two: Two day, live training/practicum in Iowa City on August 6 and 7 to be held at the College of Nursing Building, 50 Newton Rd. , Iowa City, Iowa Registration: To register, click here. All communication regarding this course will be sent via email. Please use the best email for you that you have access to regularly.

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The film was shot over approximately 30 days in Los Angeles. Craven cast Heather Langenkamp in her first starring role as Nancy Thompson. Langenkamp brought both an innocence and an inner strength to Nancy. Craven cast Johnny Depp in his feature film debut as Nancys boyfriend Glen Lantz. Amanda Wyss would play Nancys best friend Tina Gray, whose dreams are haunted by visions of Freddy Krueger. Nick Corri would play Tinas troubled boyfriend Rod Lane. Craven would look to some bigger names to play Nancys parents. John Saxon, of Enter the Dragon fame, would play Lt. Thompson, and Academy Award nominee Ronee Blakely would play Marge Thompson. Both brought complexity to their characters and life to their checkered history with Krueger. Casting Freddy Krueger proved to be a different type of challenge.

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