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I think if they are the connected it is true for both, and if they are the same again it is true for both. Can you please explain this point?As I also explained to Hussain, you are expecting to get an estimated band score based on a hypothetical and very brief plan. It isnt possible to do that. No one can give you a complete answer to what your Task response score would be without seeing a complete response. I also think you have misunderstood my previous comment which was based on Hussains plan reread his plan for each paragraph and I am sure you will see that there is repetition almost exactly the same words related to a lack of time are used. So, based on the plan he wrote, each of these paragraphs would reach exactly the same conclusion. Im sorry if I sound frustrating, I read Hussains plan and now I understand what you meant by repetition. but there is another problem I have with this question. you said in your book that we must include all parts of the question in our answer. In the sample question from cambridge 10In many countries the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of crime?How can we deal with those causes?should I write about the causes of increase in crime as the statement says or the main causes of crime as the question asks?Thats ok.

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There are a number of 80s and 90s movies that feature scenes of people like Molly Ringwald or John Cusack passing notes during tests in order to get The Perfect Score. With technology making leaps and bounds, the process of cheating has evolved way beyond the technique of writing a note on the back of the hand. Cheating has become sophisticated in a way that college administrators must accommodate and watch out for. There are the classic or old school ways of cheating, such as the aforementioned ink on hand method. There is also the use of cheat sheets and the practice of sitting next to a friend wholl share answers with you. There are even professors who dont allow students to wear hats with bills during tests because they could have some answers written down on the underside.

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