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Future research examining event level measurement of alcohol and marijuana co use is important for the prevention of alcohol related consequences. Read more. Prescription opioid misuse is an established problem in the United States. Less information is known regarding the clinical and cognitive characteristics of prescription opioid misusers, specifically in a college age population. This study sought to characterize individuals who misuse prescription opioids and the differences between current, past, and nonmisusers. This study found prescription opioid misusers to be more likely to live off campus, have a lower GPA, and exhibit increased impulsivity. Prescription opioid misusers were also more likely to report earlier age of activity and were less likely to use barrier protection during activity. This study identifies a number of risk factors for those misusing prescription opioids that can be used to develop and refine prescription opioid misuse screening tools for university health centers. It also identifies a number of concurring behaviors that can simultaneously be addressed when prescription opioid misusers are identified. Read more. This study examined differences in substance use, depression, and academic functioning among ADHD and non ADHD college students.

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Jen, I did started at UBER a month ago, I do like part time after 6pm ad sundays, and I was thinking quick my full time job, but after I read this forget it. thanks for this blog it help me a loooot. Good bye. ER: Uber Driver Earnings Do They Clear Minimum Wage? GbH7BEd OYOrNca interestingHow much did you make in tips?What percentage of passengers tipped?and how much does it change the bottom line?I did not see tips mentioned in the article. I made $13 in cash tips from 3 of the 15 passengers which is actually pretty unusual i. e. , smoked tobacco use among 18 to 22 year old U. S. young adults who were in or not in college. Data were from the 20022016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Past 30 day and past 12 month use of marijuana and smoked tobacco were assessed by college enrollment status. Exclusive marijuana use is increasing among young adults overall, whereas exclusive smoked tobacco use is decreasing: faster rates are seen among college students. Exclusive marijuana use is higher among college students, whereas exclusive smoked tobacco use is higher among noncollege individuals. Surveillance of tobacco and marijuana use among young people is important as the policy landscape for these products evolves. Read more. Frequent marijuana use has been associated with deficits in executive functioning, but few studies have examined the contribution of recent and lifetime MJ use to the magnitude of EF impairment in young adults. Researchers examined cognitive flexibility in 18 to 22 year old college students, who were heavy marijuana users or healthy controls. Researchers hypothesized heavy marijuana users would have poorer cognitive flexibility compared to healthy controls, which would be related to earlier age at first MJ use, and greater past 30 day and lifetime MJ use. Heavy marijuana users had a significantly lower EF composite score compared to healthy controls, and this was related to greater past 30 day MJ use Impaired cognitive flexibility in heavy marijuana users and greater recent MJ use may contribute to the maintenance of MJ use, making it difficult to choose alternatives to reduce MJ use. Read more. More than 47,000 people in the United States died from opioid drug overdoses in 2017.

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