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We grow our food and animals in a synthetic chemical free and environmentally responsible manner. Our beef is pasture raised and finished. They are moved frequently for good grazing of a fresh grass/legume mix. A DE, kelp and salt mix is fed free choice as a de wormer/mineral mix. No growth antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides or animal by products are used. Our beef is sold frozen by the split half 1/4, half, whole or variety pack on a limited basis. We only sell what we breed and raise on the ranch. Pastured poultry broilers are available seasonally. Farm fresh, hand gathered brown eggs are available year round and sold from the ranch, several area farmers markets and select retail outlets. Our layers and broilers are raised free range on pasture and moved regularly onto fresh grass. They are fed a custom ration, mixed to our specifications.

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have been in hearings with Buzz and he comes across as a well intentioned moron, but that egregious piece of legislation he sponsored got him to Denver. Jebs Foundation for Excellence in Education took credit for the language. The bill actually authorizes the highly intrusive adaptive learning manipulation of each student from their internalized mental images to their values, attitudes, and beliefs and every other aspect of their personality. All in the name of Student privacy. Nothing private in a world where schools have been explicitly authorized by the Georgia legislature to do that. Buzz also blogs at Peach Pundit which excitedly touted to Transdisciplinary Brookhaven Charter School. Apparently minds of jelly think thats a good template for everyone else. I am almost done with what I have been working on so hard all weeka 700 page book. All these people, whether they know it or not, are pimping for the Third Way Theory of Societal Guidance Amitai Etzioni created in the 60s. It would work not just for the US or UK, but would also be the model for USSR and China. Coordinated political control at every level without that being apparent. The adaptive software manipulation this bill authorizes creates the needed control without the level of authoritarianism being apparent. Too bad I monitor all this now as do readers like you. There was no thought at all from the Georgia legislature when thy adopted that statute. Most probably never read it. It was artfully drafted though by someone to affirmatively authorize Mind Arson and personality Manipulation in the name of Student privacy, a problem that is consistently being misdescribed. Probably to create the demand for a remedy like this that pushes the well organized as dictated by politicians wanting power and money instead of a well stocked mind that would recognize the manipulation and the effect of the language used in the statute. This stuff makes me want to scream like a hungry, tired toddlerTOLD YOU SO!Robin called it long agothe cry for less testing would be used to usher in the real deal: formative assessments that create a seamless loop from learning to testing. The fact that some actually see this announcement as positive is unbelievable. When will people wake up?There is only one explanation for that noon Saturday embargoto be featured on weekend news programs as a positive heard it last night on ABC as something to make students happy and the front page of the Sunday New York Times newspaper. All the news many people who view themselves as well educated ever read. We need to change the way we think and act. What better way to do that and monitor than formative assessment?Plus Sustainable Development is being treated as a theme at this Youth Summit that will need to be monitored and incorporated into quality education. Want to know what a CCC is?It is part of the gates funded Next Generation Science Standards that states are adopting and that is incorporated into the Common Core ELA work. It calls for CDIsCore Disciplinary Ideas, but also Cross Cutting Concepts and Themes. Just like what UNESCO wants. Remember too that they and the OECD are named partners in Charles Fadels Center for Curriculum Redesign that MIT, Harvard, and Stanford are also all partners to. More proof that it is about changing how we think and act because UNESCO says so forthrightly in this UNESCO roadmap adopted formally last year. es. What is so fascinating is that it clearly is the impetus for creating the Club of Rome and the World Order Models Project to further this vision that we are now seeing as the UNs Vision of Dignity for All by 2030 covered in this post that our world leaders have decided to impose on us all. Education is viewed by Etzioni as the way to gain the desired control, which also extended to knowledge generally and technological innovation, without the level of coercion being obvious.

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