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Kalanick is here to change that. In most major U. S. cities, and many around the world, there's an alternative to standing on a street corner flailing an arm for a taxi. Typically, this is phoning a local car service or, within the past couple of years, opening an app on your phone. Open the Uber app, which was the first car service app available in most U. S. cities, and you'll see a map of your location, replete with nearby vehicles for hire and their estimated times of arrival. One can usually reach you in five minutes, and the ride will carry a minimum cost of about $7. But you can't do this in South Florida. Regulations in Miami Dade County dictate that a car service or limo ride must be booked at least 60 minutes before the ride begins and cost at least $80. Unless the Miami Dade County Commission changes the law, Uber is locked out of a multihundred million dollar market. As it expands, Uber often meets legal complications cease and desist orders, court injunctions, the impounding of cars. Uber is no stranger to complaints from public utilities commissions, from city councils, and from taxi and limousine commissions, all of which have constituents clamoring for protection from the likes of Uber. It used to be if a scrappy company tried to take on a local government, it might not have the heft to win. Uber, with $50 million in venture capital backing and a growth rate that rivals those of Google and Amazon in their early years, definitely has heft. It also has an aggressive culture and growth strategy set by a CEO who is so headstrong, so enthusiastic, and so combative in defense of his big idea that he is at risk of seeming like a parody of today's tech entrepreneur up to and including having a thing for Ayn Rand. You hear a lot about tech companies shaking up staid industries, pushing past slow, complacent competitors. This is the next phase. This is Silicon Valley's cult of disruption taking on city hall. Recently, some of the world's fastest growing tech companies have been pushing ahead with their ideas without pausing to ask for permission. As a result, they're behaving in ways lawmakers aren't quite comfortable with. Consider that on your phone, you can purchase luggage say, on Amazon, find someone to carry said luggage TaskRabbit, rent an apartment for a couple of days Airbnb, and hail a luxury sedan you get the picture. But when the luggage retailer doesn't pay state sales tax, the employment provider doesn't pay minimum wage, the renter doesn't hold the lease, and the sedan driver doesn't charge a fixed rate?The government is pissed. Uber started operations in its hometown of San Francisco, then opened for business in four more cities before rolling into the nation's capital its sixth city launch in December 2011. Kalanick had assigned a launch team to explore potential regulatory hurdles in the district, and the team found what seemed to be clear skies. Kalanick hired a Washington, D. C. , manager named Rachel Holt, who followed a launch strategy that had proved successful in other cities and is still the basic model. She managed a team that recruited drivers, in part through cold calling car services and limo companies. A separate team for community management started social media outreach, and a post on Uber's blog announced that an Uber vehicle had been spotted in the district.

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