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All levels Young Learners Starters Pre A1 Young Learners Movers A1 Young Learners Flyers A2 Cambridge English Key KET A2 Cambridge English Preliminary PET B1 Cambridge English First FCE B2 Cambridge English Advanced CAE C1 Cambridge English Proficiency CPE C2 . QUESTION 1 . CAMBRIDGE IELTS 12 SPEAKING TESTS TEST 2 TEST 3 TEST 4 TEST 1 PART 1 Did you enjoy doing art lessons at school when you were a child Why Why not Actually I did I used to art classes and enjoyed learning about different things such as perspective shading and color palettes but my favorite part was photography and learning how to compose pictures edit them and so on. 3. 13. Each year Cambridge University publishes a new IELTS book for preparation.

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GPAs actually dropped on average by 0. 04 points from 2002 to 2012. The national data in the chart below are in agreement with average grades published by the California Community Colleges System, which show a drop in grades in the 2000s. The average GPAs in our database over the time period 1995 2011 are identical to those from the CCC System, 2. 75. That number may seem low in comparison to four year college data, but it is similar to the average GPA of first year and second year students at a typical four year public school. Its actually about 0. 1 points higher than the recent average GPAs of first year and second year students at a commuter university like UW Milwaukee, which suggests that community colleges, relative to talent level, are grading very generously even by contemporary standards. The graph above was done in an admittedly slap dash fashion. Ive simply taken every data point Chris has collected, put it in a spreadsheet and plotted averages every five years smoothed over a five year interval from 1963 to 2008 and then added 2011 to plot the most recent data for comparison. A is the most common grade at community colleges. That transition occurred two decades earlier than it did at four year schools. Vietnam era grade inflation produced the same rise in average GPA, 0. 4 points. But the consumer era rise in average GPA is much more modest at community colleges and totals about 0. 1 points a rise to a 2. 8 average GPA at its peak. Then the percentage of As drops slightly over the last third of the consumer era for which we have data. Note that the percentage of Fs begins to rise at the end of the Vietnam era and that percentage more than doubles by 2011. Just like at four year schools, As and Bs are unrealistically common at community colleges. But grade rises ended over a decade ago at two year schools nationally of course there are exceptions to this average behavior and at schools in the California Community Colleges System. Adjunct teaching percentages are high at these schools, administrators treat students as customers at these schools, and student course evaluations are important at these schools, but grades declined in the 2000s. Why?I dont know, but because this is a web post, I feel comfortable to speculate. One factor may be that tuition is low at these schools, so students dont feel quite so entitled. Another factor may be that community college students come, on average, from less wealthy homes, so students dont feel quite so entitled. The mostly steady rise of F grades since the end of the Vietnam era suggests that the overall quality of students at community colleges has been in a steady decline for decades. Perhaps no amount of consumerism can make up for a student population that is increasingly unprepared for college work or doesnt show up. The general trends seen in our latest update are identical to those in our previous updates. It is a limitation of our work that we cant sample the same institutions every time. These are not easy data to find or get in the quantities we need to make assessments. Universities and colleges that historically have given us data sometimes say no to new requests and we have to find other schools that will say yes increasingly, this means that we have to agree to confidentiality agreements and cant publicly display individual data.

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