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They also adhered to extrabiblical traditions, many of which called upon Jews to be scrupulous about eating, tithing, and ritual purity, possibly as a way to translate the holiness required at the temple into day to day life. Paul probably alludes to such scrupulousness when he says he had been as to the law, a Pharisee Phil 3:5. Such conscientious commitment to Jewish law might be construed as legalistic, but usually that word connotes hollowness in legal observancetithing mint, dill, and cumin, as Matthew puts it, while neglecting the weightier matters of the law Matt 23:23. Aside from the blatantly unsympathetic testimony of the Gospels, however, no evidence suggests that the Pharisees lacked a commitment to justice, mercy, and faith Matt 23:23, and thus the word legalistic is best avoided in reference to the Pharisees. Joshua Garroway, "Pharisees", n. p. 133. Additional support can be found in Sprer, Brunstein, and Kieschke, 2009 study Improving students reading comprehension skills: Effects of strategy instruction and reciprocal teaching, where it was revealed that intervention students attained higher scores on an experimenter developed task of reading comprehension and strategy use than the control students who received traditional instruction. Furthermore, students who practiced reciprocal teaching in small groups outperformed students in instructor guided and traditional instruction groups on a standardized reading comprehension test p. 272. There is strong research to support the effectiveness of small group instruction in promoting achievement.

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Milton authorized publication of seven of his prolusions, composed and recited in Latin, in 1674, the year of his death. In 1632, after seven years at Cambridge, Milton returned to his family home, now in Hammersmith, on the outskirts of London. Three years later, perhaps because of an outbreak of the plague, the family relocated to a more pastoral setting, Horton, in Buckinghamshire. In these two locations, Milton spent approximately six years in studious retirement, during which he read Greek and Latin authors chiefly. Without gainful employment, Milton was supported by his father during this period. In 1638, accompanied by a manservant, Milton undertook a tour of the Continent for about 15 months, most of which he spent in Italy, primarily Rome and Florence. The Florentine academies especially appealed to Milton, and he befriended young members of the Italian literati, whose similar humanistic interests he found gratifying. Invigorated by their admiration for him, he corresponded with his Italian friends after his return to England, though he never saw them again. While in Florence, Milton also met with Galileo, who was under virtual house arrest. The circumstances of this extraordinary meeting, whereby a young Englishman about 30 years old gained access to the aged and blind astronomer, are unknown. Galileo would become the only contemporary whom Milton mentioned by name in Paradise Lost. While in Italy, Milton learned of the death in 1638 of Charles Diodati, his closest boyhood companion from St. Pauls School, possibly a victim of the plague; he also learned of impending civil war in England, news that caused him to return home sooner than anticipated. Back in England, Milton took up residence in London, not far from Bread Street, where he had been born. In his household were John and Edward Phillipssons of his sister, Annewhom he tutored. Upon his return he composed an elegy in Latin, Epitaphium Damonis Damons Epitaph, which commemorated Diodati. Ann K Shinn, Philip B Cawkwell, Kirsten Bolton, Brian C Healy, Rakesh Karmacharya, Agustin G Yip, Dost ngr, Stephanie Pinder Amaker, Return to College After a First Episode of Psychosis, Schizophrenia Bulletin Open, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2020, sgaa041, first episode of psychosis FEP can derail a patients educational goals, including attainment of a college education, and this can have lasting ramifications for socioeconomic and health outcomes. Despite this, few studies have examined return to college, which is an important index of real world educational success after a FEP. In this study, we conducted a longitudinal medical record review of patients in a transdiagnostic outpatient FEP program and performed survival analysis, setting return to college as the endpoint, among the subset of patients whose college education was interrupted. We found that 82% 93/114 of college enrolled FEP individuals experienced disruptions to their education after FEP, but that return to college also occurred in a substantial proportion 49/88, 56% among those on leave who had follow up data. In this sample, the median time to college return was 18 months. 024, unadjusted. When adjusted for having no more than 1 psychiatric hospitalization at intake and absence of cannabis use in the 6 months prior to intake which were also significant predictors, differences by diagnostic category were more significant hazard ratio 2. 66, 95% CI 1. 434. 002. Participation in education is an important outcome for stakeholders, and students with FEP can be successful in accomplishing this goal. The first episode of psychosis FEP most commonly strikes during late adolescence or early adulthood,1,2 when young people are striving to establish identity and independence amid ongoing brain development3 and role and relational instability. 4,5 The experience of new onset psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking can be traumatic and disruptive in themselves. 69 However, FEP often has far wider impact, disrupting multiple functional domains, including work, school, and interpersonal relationships. 10 Such functional impairments during this transitional period can derail a young persons attainment of his or her educational, career, and relational goals, leading to substantial personal costs,11,12 as well as high societal costs associated with lost productivity and potential. 13,14In industrialized societies, going to college college in this paper refers to all postsecondary educationeg, community college, liberal arts college, or universityexcluding graduate school frequently marks an important developmental milestone in the transition to young adulthood. According to US Census Bureau data, the percentage of Americans who enroll in college after high school underwent a steady risefrom 14% in 19404 to 60% in 199015 and further to 70% in 200915with the increase fueled in large part by the college for all ideal widely held in the United States. 16 Rates have remained fairly stable in the past decade, with 69% of high school completers enrolling in college in 2018. 17 A college education is considered to build human capital by providing knowledge, teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills, providing socialization in the values and behaviors necessary for achievement, and widening access to diverse career and other opportunities. 18 In addition, college promotes greater independence and self direction compared to high school, providing opportunities for social and emotional growth.

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