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So reports the one time CBS News writer Norman S. Morris for The Atlantic in an August 1969 article titled Whats Good About Childrens TV. His excitement about the potential of the forthcoming experiment is palpable. A production company called the Childrens Television Workshop is trying to develop concepts that will literally channel childrens avid interest in television into preparation for the educational journey so vital to their lives, writes Morris, then the father of two young boys. It will promote the intellectual and cultural growth of preschoolers, particularly disadvantaged ones, teaching them not only specific academic skills but also the capacity to think for themselves. The show is also slated to feature a diverse cast, Morris adds, including a pair of adult Negro or Puerto Rican hosts.

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They may also notice that their pay is higher than uncertified phlebotomists. Just four US states require phlebotomists to hold a national certification. New York is not one of them however many phlebotomists in the state become certified to give themselves an advantage over the competition. This helps in finding employment and climbing the career ladder. North Carolina is another state which requires no certification or licensing for phlebotomists. This means that you could technically become fully qualified in less than a year. Some courses take just one semester to complete. However, many employers will look for candidates that have obtained national certification, so it may be worth choosing a course that prepares you for this next step. To study phlebotomy in North Dakota, youll need to be 18 or over, and you must pass a background check and a drug screening. Many training providers will also ask for photo identification and a general health check. Phlebotomy requires long hours around patients that are ill, so your immune system must be strong.

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Journal of Learning Disabilities, 27, 20 24. Kiewra, K. A. , DuBois, N. F. , Christian, D. , McShane, A. , Meyerhoffer, M. , and Roskelley, D. 1991. Note taking functions and techniques. Journal of Educational Psychology, 83, 240 245. Lazarus, B. D. 1991. Guided notes, review, and achievement of secondary students with learning disabilities in mainstream content courses. Education and Treatment of Children, 142, 112 127. Peper, R. J. , and Mayer, R. E. Cunningham. 1993. Where does knowledge come from?Specific associations between print exposure and information acquisition. Journal of Educational Psychology 852, 21129. One of the principles that inform the TCRWP Units of Study for Teaching Reading, is a strong emphasis on students gaining the practices and skills of reading comprehension, and encouraging teachers to model the strategies that will help their students to acquire and draw on a repertoire of skills. That is, instead of assigning students tasks to complete during reading workshop, the TCRWP stands behind the mountains of research that supports teaching students developing a repertoire of strategies that proficient readers use so that they can draw on them whenever they are reading in order to successfully navigate the text. There is specific research to support this practice. In Dole, Brown and Trathens 1996 study on The Effects of Strategy Instruction on the Comprehension Performance of At Risk Students, the results of the study demonstrates the value of strategy instruction in comparison to other effective instruction and the specific value of strategy instruction for far transfer. Their study on strategy instruction was unique in that previous research on strategy instruction has not compared the teaching of strategies to other effective instruction. The results demonstrated the value of strategy instruction when the goal was to understand particular texts and especially when the goal was to understand independently read texts. p. 82. Duke and Pearson 2002 also recommend teaching comprehension skills and strategies to support achievement, but with an important caveat, in Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension, stating, it is important that neither the teacher nor the students lose sight of the need to coordinate or orchestrate comprehension strategies. Strategies are not to be used singlygood readers do not read a book and only make predictions. Rather, good readers use multiple strategies constantly p.

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