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Some teachers ran kahoots, others ran party games, more still had prizes and treats. Most students experienced 5 little celebrations as they moved through their classes for the day and the language centre seemed to be filled with mirth and high spirits. Recess and lunch contained more surprises and fun as they were treated to a lolly bar by the wellbeing team and then lunch Thanks Kath!. The challenges of 2020, rather than preventing the celebration of ending Year 12, enabled for a day that was more inclusive and connected to the classroom experience and classroom than recent years. If ever there was a group of Year 12s who needed to let their hair down and celebrate the conclusion of their studies it was the class of 2020. Thursday last week they had just such an opportunity during Celebration Day 2020.

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The Bavikonda site is considered one of the oldest Buddhist sites in Asia. It is a reminder of the Buddhist civilisation which once existed in southern India, and also reminiscent of Borobudur in Indonesia. About 16 km 9. 9 mi from Visakhapatnam is Thotlakonda, a Buddhist complex situated on top of a hill. The Buddhist complex on the Mangamaripeta hilltop, locally known as Totlakonda, lies about 16 km from Visakhapatnam on Visakhapatnam Bheemili Beach Road. After its discovery during an aerial survey, the Government of Andhra Pradesh declared the 48 ha site as a protected monument in 1978. Excavations in 1988 to 1992 exposed structural remains and artefacts, classified as Religious, Secular and Civil. These structures include the Stupa, Chaityagrihas, pillared congregation halls, bhandagaras, refectory bhojanasala, drainage and stone pathways. The site covers an area of 120 acres 49 hectares, and has been declared a protected area by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Excavations have revealed three kinds of structural remains: religious, secular and civil. Structures include a mahastupa, sixteen votive stupas, a stone pillared congregation hall, eleven rock cut cisterns, well paved stone pathways, an apsidal chaitya griha, three round chaitgya grihas, two votive platforms, ten viharas and a kitchen complex with three halls and a refectory dining hall. Apart from the structures, Buddhist treasures excavated include nine Satavahana and five Roman silver coins, terracotta tiles, stucco decorative pieces, sculptured panels, miniature stupa models in stone, Buddha padas depicted with ashtamangala symbols i. e. the eight auspicious symbols of Swastika, Shrivasta, Nandhyavarta, Vardhamanaka, Bhadrasana, Kalasha, Minyugala and Darpan and early pottery. The territory of Visakhapatnam then came under the Andhra rulers of Vengi, and Chalukyas and Pallavas ruled the land. The region was ruled by the Eastern Ganga king SuryaVamsa Kshatriyas and the Gajapati kings of Odisha from the 10th century to the 16th centuries AD when the region came under the Visakhapatnam rulers.

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