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Read more. The misuse of prescription stimulants e. g. , Ritalin, Adderall is a large and growing problem on college campuses. Emerging research examines not only the demographic predictors of stimulant misuse but also the potential role that stimulant misuse plays in a college students overall functioning and mental health. To better understand the experiences specifically linked with stimulant misuse rather than substance use more broadly, we tested whether psychosocial functioning differed across four groups of college students: those who do not misuse stimulants or other hard drugs; those who misuse both stimulants and other hard drugs; those who misuse stimulants but not other hard drugs; and those who misuse other hard drugs but not stimulants.

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Color, tone, shape, scale, all must beconsidered when choosing what images to include and how to position them. This process involves subjectivity as well as objectivity. Most artistsbenefit greatly from feedback from a trained eye, and reactions fromuntrained eyes can also be helpful. A portfolio is most successful whenmodified and tailored, with acumen, for its particular audience. Manyartists now supplement their physical portfolio with a digital versioneither on the Web or presented on CD ROM or DVD. Stay current on new formatsand choose the methods that feature your work most powerfully and supportyour marketing goals. Email Barbarayour questions about creativity coaching and creating dynamicartist statements, bios, resumes and proposals. Learn aboutcreative action projects through her Web sites. She would loveto hear from you. Do you need content?You may use this article on yourwebsite, or in your newsletter. The only requirement isinclusion of the text above, including the active links.

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When you explain a point which will ordinarily take five lines in 15 lines, you may end up having a write up that is full of tautology. Examiners frown at this and may score you low. A good approach is writing your points concisely and sating them as clearly as you can. Discussing similar ideas repeatedly in the bid to increase the number of your words will not earn you a good score. As you write down your thoughts, express them in a tone that shows that you have taken some time to think about them. However, avoid expressions that show you are being overconfident, angry, or too excited. Your arguments should be valid but make sure your submissions are neutral in your concluding paragraph. The International English Language Testing System IELTS is an international standardized test of English language which accepts international English, not only British English. IELTS comes in two types: Academic and General Training. For both tests, Listening and Speaking are identical, but the Reading and Writing sections are different depending on the test you take. However, you can complete the Speaking section a week before or after the other sections of the test. The test center will let you know. If you are looking to enter undergraduate and postgraduate studies or seeking professional qualifications, this test is for you. There are two writing tasks:The goal of Writing Task 1 is to assess how well you can summarize the relevant facts and details presented in a graph, chart, table or diagram. You should write in an academic or semi formal style. Do not write in conversational English. You can leave out some minor details. The writing task is essentially information transfer, relating only to the factual content of a diagram and not to speculations about what it means. Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this task. Write at least 150 words because there is a penalty for answers that are too short. You will not receive a penalty for writing more than 150 words, but remember that spending more than 20 minutes on your Task 1 answer may leave you less time to spend on Task 2, which impacts your Writing band score twice as much. It is especially important to avoid irrelevant information in your answers. Answers that are off topic, incomplete, or presented as a list rather than cohesive paragraphs will receive penalties. Copying word for word from another source plagiarism will incur severe penalties. The goal of Writing Task 2 is to assess your ability to present a well organized clearly expressed and relevant argument, supporting your ideas with evidence and examples in error free English. You will write about a topic in an academic or semi formal style.

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