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In the findings section of this paper I will discuss how these three charts relate to my research question. What are the benefits of students studying abroad?Because these three charts are implying that the benefits of students studying abroad are but not limited to: abroad term length and the experience, students studying abroad personal growth, and student studying abroad career incomes Should College Be Free?President John F. Kennedy stated these famous words about the beauty of education during his 1961 proclamation celebrating American Education Week, Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation. As reflected in the message of the late 35th president of the United States, education is andprofessional and personal lives' throughout his or her program study at their college of choice. In this paper I will go back and give a full reflection on one's development despite the fact looking at the effects of finishing up the degree program of future and current professional objectives. In this paper, I will argue one's interpretations of learning, effects of personal development and growth which do comprise skilled competences and career aims. Furthermore, this paper assesses areas of growth of skillMisleading Marketing at For Profit Colleges Restricts Societal GrowthAlthough for profit colleges offer higher level education to interested students, they also operate as businesses attempting to maximize profit, which raises the question: should education be viewed as a mere product/service to be sold to those students willing to pay a designated price or an enlightening experience that is fundamental to improving oneself and society?Since for profit colleges are able to make a profit, unlikeThe purpose of this Literature review is to signal to the reader how study abroad is beneficial to all college students ' development. The journals make it a point to say that the study abroad programs offered in universities are expanding and participation by students is increasing. Also stated, is professors that wish that their students who are excluded by their major from studying abroad to have a program that allows them to go abroad. This field of study is interesting because it positivelyteachers and mentors in educating the preceding generation of students. As our society continues evolving within this cycle, the importance and emphasis on receiving a college education has become more of a pressing matter.

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Despite the positive sentiment of the IT revolution, it is found that more than 50% graduates do not know how to perform simple functions like copy pasting text nor are they able to differentiate between hardware and software. This calls for greater as well as targeted intervention in areas of Computer and English skills. Education system promoting rote learning in place of actual application of concepts Not more than 25% of the graduating students could apply concepts to solve a real world problem in the domain of Finance and Accounting. On the other hand, on average, 50% graduates are able to answer definition based/theoretical questions based on the same concept. This shows that even though students have got exposure to the concepts, they really do not understand them or know how to apply them. Thus, our higher education system needs to lay greater stress on application of concepts and discourage rote learning. Over 40% employable graduates beyond the top 30% colleges have no way to signal their employability to potential recruiters 41% of graduates employable in accounting roles hail from colleges beyond the top 30% colleges, whereas for the IT services sector this percentage is 36%. Despite being employable, these students have no way to signal their employability to recruiters who end up recruiting only from reputed colleges and universities. Not only does this beget economic inefficiency, but brings in unfairness for the student. The need of the hour is to develop effective means to 'discover' employable students easily across the nation. Employability Certification such as AMCAT is one such proven scalable mechanism.

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