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This shows that the author is basing what they say on sound foundations and has taken into account, or at least read, what others have also explored and discussed. However, it is worth remembering that academic authors may be selective in their reading, and what they choose to present. They naturally want to make clear that their viewpoint is validated by others. A degree of caution should therefore be used in interpreting academic texts. It is worth taking time to understand the validity and biases. Some academic writers offer alternative interpretations by other academics.

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Nowadays, Human person are not conscious that we became slave of technology. An obvious example are; playing dota, doing face book, etc for almost 70% percent of 24 hours, than to be with family, to study lessons, to do individual task, and go to school. Most of us were spending much money to buy luxurious brand new/new model gadgets even though its not needed. People tend to forget themselves because of this things sumasabay kasi sa uso. Yes, it is really development, but it also our downfall. Technology turned mans life bitter, rather than better. Many problems arose because of these technologies. They used technologies to do crimes and violence. Technology changed human person personality, characteristics, values, and all aspects of human life, it made people lazy or even crazy. Human persons moral values was already conquered by the misused of technology, the essence of technology was missed and overlooked. Technology defeated mans minds and personhood.

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